Saturday, April 26, 2008

Uncommon Sense

There's plenty of room on the sidewalks for both the bicyclists and pedestrians -- and of course, the bicyclist should defer the right of way to everything else. That universal law is observed by most sensible people everywhere -- unless some people make it their own private war to protect their "turf" -- but that happens in every arena of life, and are the unfortunate most visible and memorable encounters many have of others.

But by and large, bicyclists and pedestrians actually create the goodwill and aloha in Hawaii -- from their pleasant and respectful encounters with one another.

The problem IS that there is not too many people walking and biking -- and not that there are massive crowds fighting through to get anywhere -- like all the road rage on the highways and streets.

The simplest way to get more cars off the road is simply to share a ride -- which many more used to do back in an age in which although gas prices were much lower and even cheap back then, people valued everything and took less for granted. Now people think they have a right to a SUV and all the gas they want for free or as cheap as they want.

A lack of capacity is not our problem so adding more capacity (bike lanes, rail, boats, bridges, tunnels) is also not the answer. The answer lies in learning how to share and manage the resources that are already there -- in an intelligent manner that creates plenty and enough for all -- and not one person or group demanding exclusive use of the sidewalk, road, lane, and other community resources only for themselves.

That's the real progress in society -- and not simply fighting for the more.


At May 17, 2008 2:20 AM, Blogger Kateri said...

I think we should definitely take a leaf out of Denmark's book and start biking some more. maybe that's why they're the happiest country in the world:

At May 17, 2008 5:10 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

The culture of many cold weather countries is that they have to adapt daily -- to change, while most people in Hawaii don't, and in fact think, that life is a repetition of every day before, and the repetition of the past, is what the future is all about.

That's why so many young people lose their interest and passion in life and so their only interest in life is going to work and eating lunch, first two or three extra scoops of rice, and then, two or three extra plate lunches.

Biking is the most efficient means of transportation ever devised -- and engineers still marvel at the genius of making the most efficient use of energy and work -- which is not a bad idea for the people of Hawaii to be exposed to, rather than the tremendous waste no matter how much they have.

Maybe you ought to go to the mainland for a few years before returning home to a dismal life of routine and conformity that offers no hope for young people.


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