Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The World Beyond

In a previous time, the mass media was many people's primary interface with their own society and culture, and a few institutions came to be very powerful and dominant in such a world -- as dinosaurs once ruled another. But then the earth shifted, and these powers could not adapt -- as quickly and effectively as the many, though smaller entities, whose very survival depended on their ability to adapt, and not just to claim the territory exclusively for themselves, and dictate the rules by which every other had to play (obey), and acknowledge as the "only game in town."

Because was it truly -- the only game in town, the only way it could ever be? Many would like to convince us of that "fact" -- but life and progress is eternally and persistently finding a better way -- even if they have to create it themselves. But everybody begins with what all those who have gone before them did -- and that is the evolution and progress of cultures, societies and individuals -- and not merely those who always want to remain at the top of the unchanging status quo, acknowledging and defending that entrenched hierarchy with themselves at the top or in favored positions, is the "correct" and "progressive" thing to do.

Which sounds eerily like what we see today -- of the old bureaucratic institutions insisting that they have always been at the top, and always should remain so -- and then we can "talk" about change. But obviously, it is no real change -- but only talk defusing the energy and focus of that need, so everything can stay the same, for just a little while longer. And then it is hoped, the people will forget about it, and the institutions will provide more distractions, entertainment, free food, even little gifts and favors, to speed that forgetting.

And what is the punishment for not complying, not conforming to the "consensus" of what they say is the only way a right thinking person could think? It is the freedom beyond that control and coercion -- where one has to think for themselves, and comes to like it. That is the world beyond the horizon -- that at first, only a few will sail towards and beyond -- while those left behind, fearing to venture out, say their disappearance is proof that there cannot be anything beyond.

Those are the moments of discovery, as well as the death of the "old world," as we knew it. That is where we are today -- with the mass media institutions still demanding that the only paths are to the left or the right -- and not that there can be anything else beyond. But surely, that is where most of reality, and the future, lies -- and of course, they don't want you to know about it, because it is beyond their control.


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