Thursday, June 03, 2010

Don't Start Believing Your Own Lies

"Can't help if good journalism favors Democrats. They are the party of the people and Republicans are the party of the rich and powerful. This is no secret and nothing new, and part of what newspapers do is balance the power. Or it's what they are supposed to do."

Who are the rich and powerful in Hawaii? When you have one party virtually controlling all the government and institutions of Hawaii -- you can't say that there is a mythical "rich and powerful" other than the Democratic Party and the unions.

And that there are no rich and powerful to create jobs, opportunities and industries, is why the economy is imploding.

But at least you're admitting the bias in the news reporting that has brought about the current situation. Why do you think the news should be even more biased against the Republicans to maintain a balance of power?

It's because of this gross imbalance that there are no employers but endless lines of unemployed employees. Don't start believing your own lies.

A large part of why the newspapers are failing, not only in Hawaii, but everywhere else in the country, is because they became an extension of the Democratic Party/unions in this country, and with stagnant and shrinking revenues, you can't keep increasing the pay for the membership, without the enterprise having to drastically reduce their numbers. It's not going to compute in any other way.

And now the unions have taken over the government, in which they've already begun to price their membership out of the market -- because the newspapers had become a quasi-government institution, or least wanted everybody to think so. In their own minds, it was the job of the newspapers (journalists) to oversee the government -- as some self-proclaimed "Fourth Estate," above and beyond the other traditional three of the Church, nobility and peasantry of feudal societies.

In the modern state, those divisions start to disappear -- as well as the division between the worker and its owner; the worker has to own their own work -- and not just think they can produce a supply without a demand. That demand is always for value -- and not just what the worker unilaterally decides they will produce -- and that the people have to buy.

The most familiar of this model, is the exploding cost of education -- in which the "professionals" in this field, determine how much everybody else (the citizenry) needs -- for endless job security and compensation to themselves -- as an end in itself. That too, is unsustainable and will persist. You can't have everybody employed to teach, and nobody to ever produce any other product; that's also true of the health care industry, in which increasingly, it requires more people and resources, just to care for people who will never be productive again.

Those models are not sustainable, and have to be supplanted by new visions of society and being, which at first seem very disruptive, to those whose major function is to perpetuate that status quo. That's what institutions do, as long as they can, until it is no longer possible.

Then things must change. That is the way of the world.


At June 03, 2010 1:54 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Do you really expect people to believe that we need to maintain two newspapers to protect us from the powerful right wing forces and the rich "threatening" Hawaii?

Newspapers begin to fail because they cannot distinguish their own lies and propaganda from the truth, but rather merely serve as the vehicle for its propagation -- including censoring and editing true alternative views.

It's not the imaginary, powerful right wing forces eliminating the jobs in Hawaii, but stagnant revenues while the unions demand increasingly higher pay for the same amount of production, or less.

That's the reason the cost-of-living shoots out of sight, because people pay increasingly more money for less production, until finally, all the money in the world, doesn't produce one bit of good, but merely the report from our educational administrators, that the people just need more education. To do what?

Even if they are successful at obtaining government employment, eventually even the government breaks.

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