Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quality of Life

Probably the greatest predictor of future success, is present success; that is to say, if one is doing well presently, the chances of that continuing, is good, but if one isn't doing so well presently, one should have a great sense of urgency for making it work now -- as the indicator for one's chances in the future.

People who find a way to solve their problems presently, as they have done in the past previously, have a track record of success -- no matter how daunting the future may look, while those presently floundering, have obviously not solved the problems of the past, hence their present difficulties.

Undoubtedly the greatest factor, is their health and well-being as the foundation and bottom line of their successful adaptation to the challenges of their existence, which should not be a great deterrent -- but that which is the most accessible and easy to secure, and if one can't do that, then one has some serious issues and problems to overcome.

Of course there are unforeseeable and unavoidable calamitous events, but still for the most part, one's baseline health and well-being, are largely one's own doing and control, even despite the current fashion of denying accountability for any and all things. "Bad things
just happen, and good things just happen -- and there's nothing one can do about it."

That is the pre-scientific, pre-industrial medieval mindset -- perpetrated by the
liberal arts institutions that regard knowledge just for its own sake, because there is nothing one can actually do with that knowledge to make any difference in the world they actually live in. Their knowledge has a much higher and noble purpose of knowledge for its own sake -- and not that low-brow practical stuff of mere mortal minds -- using it for its own benefits. "The higher truths, should know and serve no masters -- and especially to reality itself."

So without that connection between thought and actuality (reality), any truth becomes totally arbitrary -- subject to whomever controls the means (media) for its dissemination. If a low quality of life is "paradise," then that's what it is -- no questions asked, and nothing can be expected.

So why should we care? -- it won't make a difference.


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