Sunday, April 03, 2011

There's No "Free Lunch" There

You just can't create more work so that you can create more jobs -- to do things that don't need to be done, while ignoring all the things that really do need to be done, and in fact, eliminated.

The purpose of education is not to create more high-paying jobs for teachers because the schools keep getting worse -- which in the backwards world of the education indoctrination, "justifies" the need for hiring even more "educators" to make the students even worse, and more confused than they came into the schools -- often causing children to drop out as soon as they've had enough, and vow never to learn anything again, after those disastrous experiences with "education" and "educators."

People everywhere, under every condition, are naturally disposed to learn (even all animals do) -- and it is the education, and notably bad education and education professionals, that make them resistive and rebellious. We should not be then guaranteeing such people lifetime jobs as "educators," but should be letting those who actually know something, and maybe even created the knowledge, to teach such classes, instead of the field being restricted only to "education" professionals, who have been educated to "look busy," and sound like they know what they are talking about.

Let us now move from the obvious to the more subtle -- of building a rail system where nobody presently lives, because the major justification for building a rail makes sense, is where there is the greatest density of population in the world -- like a Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, Beijing -- because that makes getting anywhere possible at all, and not simply because it is an "alternative," few can avail themselves of.

Meanwhile, the infrastructure of roads, water supply and sewer, are erupting daily -- with no money available to repair and reconstruct them because no federal funding is available because that's what any population is expected to pay for themselves -- and not expect citizens everywhere else to for them. And so, in order to get the "free money," we'll do what doesn't need to be done -- while the great urgencies of life, are ignored, because there is no "free lunch" there.

That's how the government of Hawaii has been so perverted to go for the money, instead of the good of the general well-being of the greater whole -- even if it means creating more problems and failures -- because that's where the money is. You have to do what is right and good, even if it isn't -- and that's what makes a government, and a society good.


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