Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Union's Solution is For Its Own Benefit"

You're absolutely right -- that the government should not be run for the exclusive benefit of government workers -- but that's what happens when they get taken over by the unions, for permanent, guaranteed lifetime jobs, no less.

Government work should be rotated among the entire citizenry -- rather than allowing them to become the permanent, personal entitlements of a few -- for life.

That is the inherent problem -- for which this whole country was founded upon -- this notion of lifetime entitlement to govern everybody else exclusively for their own benefit.

That is the essential problem of government anywhere, anytime -- that a few, will determine that everybody else exists only for their exclusive benefit, and that there shouldn't even exist any other organizations and entities to oppose them -- as the divine right to determine the "political correctness" for everybody else. That's just the way it is because they've said so, and they should be the only one allowed to raise funds for political campaigns and buy up all the media.

It's insidious at first, then finally becomes more apparent at times like these, that their demands take precedence over the general well-being and welfare of the society at large -- even demanding that their "market returns" should be guaranteed without risks, because everybody else only exists to serve them.

And if everybody else was as smart as them, they'd all do the same.- -- as though that was an enlightened, progressive and intelligent society and way to do government. That is its long history of failures.


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