Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Greatest Cause of Accidents and Misunderstandings

Surely, driving requires eye-hand and eye-foot coordination more than than the skillset required to walk a tightrope -- or stand on one leg -- as though that were a prerequisite for anything.

You'd think that with modern day technology and awareness, those essential faculties is what is tested for -- and not the random metrics of a prehistoric ere -- as though that is an indication and predictor of fitness for anything.

Obviously a more appropriate measurement for driving, is likely to be the skills demonstrated by a video game -- than running a marathon, or walking a tightrope from one building to another. These days, most people, and particularly emergency responders, have a cell phone, and I'm sure some enterprising or perceptive individual has already created an "app" for better measuring eye-hand, eye-foot coordination -- and before that, assessing vision and awareness -- which is the major reason for most accidents -- people just didn't see, or were aware of the road conditions -- and not that they were perfectly aware but only temporarily impaired.

Far more likely is that their impairment has become a chronic or permanent limitation in older ages -- because the young are much more likely to be the ones getting into accidents because of alcohol and drug experimentations and impairment. Instead, what is being "measured" by the present standards, is physical condition -- which those who are limited in their movements, have the greatest reason for driving -- because they have problems walking, standing, balancing, and so the cars equalize for those increasing disabilities -- as long as their vision and hand-foot coordinations remain intact.

That's why I've long advocated that it is much more meaningful to measure the health and condition at the head, hands and feet, than all those metrics that have no idea what they're measuring, but keep doing so, because that's the way they've done it before, and is therefore the approved way of doing things.

I've faced such resistance before when I pointed out to the people teaching CPR that chest compressions is breathing also -- making mouth-mouth breathing unnecessary, because breathing (the movement of air in and out of the body) is the result of altering chest volumes resulting in pressure differentials.

So the test that really needs to be done -- is vision and awareness, which is attention and greater awareness of the conditions including the presence of others, and not the self-isolation of one who can focus only on their own inner control -- which precludes the awareness of what is going on in the greater context.

That seems to be the overriding problem of most accidents as well as misunderstandings.


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