Friday, January 28, 2011

Is Taxing Pensions Fair?

You have to tax all income equally -- and not that some people are entitled not to be taxed ever again, particularly since they are making more than the median income -- which should be the great equalizer.

Those would be the pensions taxed in this proposal, just as Social Security is when a person makes more than the median income. That means, they are in the upper half of income recipients -- rather than the poverty and disadvantage they are claiming. In fact, in order to get those more than median pensions, they would have had to receive more than median salaries while they worked -- for a substantial advantage.

And because they had those higher than median incomes, they had the luxury of buying real estate, stocks, whatever else, to generate even further income and advantage, than those making less than the median income.

In fact, one of the ways to solve the Social Security imbalance is to pay every person the same payment in retirement -- while taxing all their earned income without a cap, as has been proposed, because those people earning high incomes, have a chance to sock away a substantial portion of their incomes for their retirement -- and if they don't, they are then entitled only to what everybody else receives. That would be the fair and equitable way to do it -- as well as with the Medicare, universal health coverage. It should be at the minimal base level for all.

The problem with the Obama plan, is that they want to force people who are healthy enough never to see a doctor, to be forced to buy medical insurance to subsidize the Cadillac plans of the unions -- who abuse the system as much as possible, by taking all the sick leave they can, and abuse their health so they can maximize their health care benefits -- even if that means destroying their own health.

So society is rewarding dysfunction and failure, over health and intelligent decisions and behaviors, especially causing the overprivileged, to claim that they are the underprivileged. That is why there is so much confusion and corruption in Hawaii -- because people cannot distinguish these things rightly, and think the left is right, and up is down, and same sex is the only way to go.


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