Monday, April 01, 2019

Everything You Know is Wrong

You only need to know what you don't know -- and not just continue to confirm all you know that is wrong (not working).  People seem mystified that the results from what they do, does not produce the outcomes they had hoped for -- but often, quite the opposite -- which is proof of course, that everything they know to be true, is wrong -- and that is what the results are shouting out to them. 

More of the same, is not going to change that -- and will probably make things predictably worse.  Yet many have been conditioned by their "teachers" to just try a little harder -- and not that their students need to look elsewhere for the truth.  That truth is borne out daily in everything we do -- and not just under laboratory conditions and protocols.

As all the information becomes more available, what becomes increasingly clear, is that formerly, we were not told all the information, by those who claimed to have the exclusive authority to do so -- including those formerly employed in the "mainstream" media -- who claimed they were the "Fourth Estate" arbiters of all that could be known -- by virtue of that exclusive right designated to them in the First Amendment. But a careful reading of the First Amendment, authorizes no such thing -- and a few self-designated people just took it upon themselves to claim such rights -- and privileges.

So at least fifty years from that heyday -- they are shellshocked to learn that everything they thought they knew that everybody else did not, turns out to be mostly wrong -- and is in fact the reason that things do not get better, but actually explode disastrously out of control.  Those outcomes are so widespread that most have come to regard them as simply what happens when one lives long enough -- and that is the fate of mankind, to just get worse with time -- as though there is nothing they can do about it in their own lives, while hoping for miracle cures from people operating on mice -- thinking they can rewrite the evolution of the world.

The meaningful story of civilization, is how one lives their own lives -- and not changing everybody else first -- while one goes on to live catastrophically.  That is meaningless, and delusionary, and often deranged.  What are they doing that is more important?

So fifty years ago, the world shifted into the mass media model -- in which everyone was expected to conform to the truth that a self-selected few wanted them to believe -- and leading the pack, were the "reporters," given a special place in the pantheon of celebrity -- because they "owned" the media.  They didn't have to prove anything else.

Predictably, often the messages were greatly distorted by their own agendas -- so that it became very difficult, to determine what the original author (interviewee) said, and what the intermediary translated that into.  Sometimes that profound understanding, had to be condensed into a 60 second bite, or give way to a more important "commercial message" -- but that was the world we lived in, and the rules we followed.

All that changed roughly with the beginning of the 21st century -- that had been rightly anticipated as the end of the world as we knew it.  All those old hierarchies would give way to information as a right to know in itself -- and the new masters, were those who were excited to share it -- because they could.  That certainly changed everything.

The venerable "institutions" were revealed for what they actually were -- fronts for the status quo -- maintaining the monopolies who could afford to pay their advertising rates.  But that it was all the information "fit to print" -- or could be known, was now open to question.  Probably the final straw that broke the camel's back, was nobody listened to their advice on how to vote anymore.  People would just simply make up their own minds -- which of course, infuriated those who thought it was their singular right to do the thinking for everybody else.

Of course that is just symbolic of the greater fundamental changes taking place -- without sanctioned authority to do so.  And that was researchers taking their findings, directly to people who want to know -- because nobody now controlled the leading edge of discovery and innovation.  It was now up for grabs -- to anybody who had the competence to make those judgments for themselves.  These were those living on the "leading edge" -- and feeling competent to determine these things for themselves.

This was especially so in their own lives -- and realities -- which could now be even better than the "consensus" could determine before.  It was where only the few and the brave could feel comfortable living at.  But rather than being foolhardy at doing so, these were those who became expert at understanding the risks in doing so -- realizing that mere safety, was often not the best of all worlds.  Not today, and not tomorrow.  A better understanding, would always come along -- but one had to discover that for themselves.

Not everyone is prepared to live that way -- but those who do, discover worlds that were unimaginable before.  When everything seems to be going wrong and is hopeless, one has very little (nothing) to lose, trying a different course.  In that way, the last can be first -- and not last in a race that is already over before they even begin.  That is not a prognosis for success -- in any aspect of life.

In a world of games, one is allowed to devise one in which they can win -- and not be simply one of the many hopeless losers.  That is the only thing worth knowing -- and not all the trivial pursuits.


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