Friday, November 01, 2019

The "Average" is not the "Optimal"

One of the great flaws in modern education is the belief that the average is the ideal -- when it could be far from it.  Just because the average intelligence will be designated as 100 -- thoughtful people would not think to use that as the optimal attainment -- but aim for the exceptional, which would be very different from the average.  Instead, enlightened people would study the characteristics and profile of the exceptional, and attempt to replicate that -- or at least simulate it as their goal -- rather than striving for mediocrity in everything they do.   

That really is the history and evolution of society and culture -- to determine what works best -- rather than simply repeating what they've always done before -- precluding and prohibiting progress and evolution.  The objective of life, is to better itself -- and not just to keep on doing what it has always done before -- even if it is not working, and many have already forgotten why it is they were doing it in the first place. 

Instead, they have to move on -- and discover what works -- and not merely repeat the past, as though that was an intelligent thing to do -- let alone, the most intelligent thing one can do.  That's not it at all.  That is in fact, the dysfunctional pattern -- of dysfunctional individuals and societies.  Of course they become extinct -- and before then, suffer every disadvantage. and catastrophe.

There are always a few who think that is their opportunity to get ahead -- and remain there -- insisting that everybody else should remain behind them, and never jump ahead -- no matter if one is in the wrong line.  That they are at the head of it, is all they want to know -- and the bigger picture, is not of their concern, even if their line is not moving, nor shows any signs of life.  They're just going to continue to do what they've always done before -- with little or disastrous results -- thinking that is the average, and the best one can hope or strive for.

Far more useful to know than the average, or the median, is the range -- and particularly those associated with desirable outcomes, rather than dragging everybody back to the average -- as though that was an intelligent thing to do.  The healthiest people will not be the average -- nor will the strongest, fastest, most resourceful.  They are exceptional for that reason -- and that should be studied, rather than the average -- and achieving greater mediocrity with each iteration.

So beyond knowing what the average is, one selects those qualities one hopes to accentuate, and eliminates those liabilities that undermine their aspirations, and not simply try to make everyone as equal as possible -- thinking that is the goal of any enlightened and progressive society.  Assuredly that is not -- because a more perfect society is the higher objective -- and not merely spreading the poverty and misery equally so that none can rise above any other.  That is totally misguided and foolhardy.  An intelligent society wishes those most capable to get ahead -- and define that possibility that never existed before, for everybody else to come.

That is the march of humanity -- and how we got to where we are.  The objective of any race, is not to establish and maintain the existing status quo and pecking order -- but ultimately, to challenge it -- and in doing so, better it.  Of course in this, many will be left behind -- but mostly because they choose to be so, and not because it is not in them, to keep up.  The better way, is invariably the easier way -- and so many more can participate, rather than excluding those who will not conform to the narrowly-contrived arbitrary prerequisites of those who insist on being always on top -- and for everybody else to get behind them, and tow the conformity.

Thus, many use the average, for that self-serving purpose -- of forcing everybody else to live up to their expectations for everyone else.  That is what they think everybody else showed up for -- to further their own political/social/economic aspirations.  Increasingly though, that is becoming rarer -- as more people feel empowered to fulfill their own unique visions of what is possible.

There will be those who will maintain that such aspirations are not possible for any but the elites that they represent -- as their God-given distinction.  That is increasingly rare except for a few professions -- who still maintain that they are the gatekeepers for all that can be known.  They may even claim a Constitutional mandate for such privileges -- as the only ones who must be believed.  They know the averages -- and are in charge of their adherence and conformance.

In most cases, they are largely self-appointed, and self-serving -- as they feel is their proper station in life.  The averages are for everybody else to conform to -- and never to question.  To question, is to exhibit weakness -- that one does not know -- which in their world, is a major crime.  One should know everything -- with perfect knowledge -- to be among the elite -- even, and especially when one has no idea what they are talking about.  That is what the average knows -- and there can be no variance from the known.  What they know, is all that can be known.  There is no other.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

No Longer Optional

Most people go through life thinking "health" is optional -- until they run out of options, and health becomes mandatory for their very survival.  Usually, that is the case as they get older -- and have frittered away their chances at "being their best."  People live long lives not by accident and chance, but because they've increased their chances for survival at every point along the way, in everything they do -- better than most.  Attaining old age is no exception -- unlike the many who still believe that is a random achievement, not worthy of any deeper thought and effort.

But increasingly, there is a growing realization that everything we do -- has consequences and effects, so that doing their thing -- whatever they like, determines the quality of life they experience from here on out.  It is merely wishful thinking to believe that they can eat and drink unlimited quantities of delectable foods, attend the most tantalizing and intriguing entertainments, and at the end of the day (life), they will be as fit as they can be -- for the remainder of their lives.  Nothing in nature works that way.

Unfortunately, many will learn that lesson too late to do anything about it -- not that it is ever too late to do something positive and beneficial, but at that stage, they haven't developed the necessary skills to make that difference -- and think nothing makes a difference anymore.  And so they do nothing but wait for their end -- with as much entertainment, diversion, and junk food as they've consumed all their lives -- that put them in such a state and condition.  However, no matter how long it has been that way, it need not continue for another second -- because change is always possible in the present moment -- and from such moments, the future course of their health and lives, can be different, and better -- but not if they simply continue doing what they've always done before.

Getting to that realization, is the tricky point for most, but it is not just a trick of mind -- but the actuality.  The moment one does anything different, is the moment change has been set in motion.  That is unfailingly how the world works -- not that any one person, has the ultimate control over everything.  They just have that ultimate control over their own action -- but already, that is enough to make a difference.  It may not lead to the outcome one desires, but it will be the beginning of change -- and not simply continuing on the course of a disastrous path.

Even the most dysfunctional people recognize that -- so even they desire change, despite their inability to effect those changes.  That requires practice -- the practice of simply doing -- and learning what the outcome will be.  Because one never knows what the outcome will be.  They can simply play the game as though it mattered -- as best they can.  So at the end of the day (life), they know they have given their best -- and that is good enough, all one can do -- and the rest of the universe decides.

That is obviously the larger picture of life -- one hopes to have achieved as their crowning achievement in life.  It is no longer simply about them and their individual, petty struggles -- but about the whole, and how the world is a better place -- not because of them, but because of all.  But that is not achieved by one individual telling everybody else what to do and think, but of understanding what everybody else thinks and does, and making their best contribution to that synergy.  That is the evolution of the 21st century personality and culture.  It is not just the old -- one century older.

When one realizes that, then one is the entirety of life -- and not just a small part of it -- struggling against every other.  The beauty of that is that one can then draw upon the total resources available -- and not just one's ownership of it.  It doesn't matter if one owns it, or merely has access to it -- even if just for a single solitary moment one actually needs it.  That manner of thinking -- is to have total access to all that is known and available -- which is quite an advantage over the old mentality of having to purchase everything exclusively for one's own use.

That led to the concept of sharing -- which can be done with bicycles, cars, even living spaces.  But it can also mean, sharing the roads, sidewalks, information, parking and storage.  That makes all the resources available to all -- and not simply the monopoly of the richest person who can afford them only for themselves.  In this way, the average person of these times, is richer than any king or emperor was in previous times -- when they were the only ones who might have them -- and not everyone, but they have to know about them -- and its availability.

That's what many still do not realize -- that their best health -- is within their own power to achieve and exercise.  They do not have to wait in line to be approved for every latest and greatest finding known to humankind.  It is largely just for the taking -- or cheap enough to be virtually free.  Of course the worthless and fraudulent will always be too much -- for too little, or nothing at all.  That is what one still has to determine, distinguish and discriminate -- and not as they would have us believe, that nothing should be discerned in this manner of effectiveness anymore -- because they will determine that for everybody else -- henceforward, and from here on out -- just like the good ol' days.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Finding Out What Works for You

Most people have been conditioned to believe that whatever the majority thinks, makes it true -- which is an egregious error.  The fact of the matter is that most people will usually be wrong -- and only a rare few will be right.  The majority, or might, does not make it right -- but is usually an indication of error -- that should be investigated more deeply and thoroughly for the truth of the matter, from the appeal of the false.

That is to say, that what people wish to believe, is unerringly what they believe -- in preference to the actual truth of the matter.    Often, it is because it seems more complicated than it is -- because those who explain it, are not certain of what they speak, and misunderstand it themselves -- which doesn't stop them from assuming an air of authority that they know what they are talking about.  In fact, the less they know and are certain, the more they try to hide that fact -- and particularly, allow others to question their authority.

Most will encounter that somewhere along the line -- frequently early in their lives -- in people who have nothing of merit to say, but will insist on saying it incessantly, and unnecessarily, so that astute minds know to tune them out -- even at the risk of seeming inattentive and difficult -- because they simply are reluctant or refuse to go along with the crowd.  Primitive societies often regard such lack of adherence to the majority will, as a major breach of the social contract -- that the senior citizens have a right to impose on its junior members.

Most learn to simply go along to get along -- and never learn to think for themselves on any matter, but simply go with whatever others tell them is the truth -- even if they know it is outrageously false.  The prevailing thought is that the majority, makes it right -- and there is no higher truth than that, or their lives will be arduous and difficult.  But rather than being the easy way, it eventually makes life exceedingly difficult -- fin everything they do -- because they never develop the critical skill of thinking for themselves.

As a result, they will always need others to do all their thinking for them -- which a few, are always happy to do -- but that may not serve them the best.  It may in fact, be the cause of most of their problems -- as they become tools for other's self-aggrandizing lives.  It's not like there are many of the latter, but it often seems like it because they have to go through everybody, to find the few who are vulnerable to their exploitation and manipulations.  But we don't know that for a fact unless we first give them the benefit of the doubt -- that they are simply mistaken, rather than that the deception is deliberate and intentional -- and there is no correcting that.

At that point, one learns to avoid further contact and influence -- rather than waste more time, energy and other resources -- setting them straight.  Usually, such predators, run into a more ruthless one -- as their just desserts, and eliminate each other.  One hopes not to be around when such outbursts occur -- which is the major reason to avoid such contact.  But in so doing, one creates space for more positive contacts and influence -- rather than being entrapped in those vicious circles and cycles.

That is inevitably part of every life -- but the degree of success in dealing with them -- determines how far they go on in life, and quickly assess the dangers, risks and rewards.  One can't win them all -- nor should one try.  Those lessons are usually learned with age and experience -- while an unfortunate few, make a fatal error, that compromises and disables the rest of their lives.  Thus the advantage and wisdom of learning from experience -- and not just thinking to be able to do everything one could do as a young person yet to experience any major setbacks -- and skills for handling them.

That's how defeat and failure prepare one better to deal with life -- and not that one should only and always win -- hoping that will serve them unfailingly in life.  Thus, many arrive at a point and challenge they are ill-prepared to handle, and never recover, and go into endless decline -- at any age.  They think it is enough just to run with the crowd (mob), until the mob turns and abandons them -- and then they are lost, by themselves -- with no idea of what to do anymore.  And so they languish and perish, because the steady presence of others telling them what to do, no longer guides them.

Unfortunately, many "retire" to such a fate -- and implode in such a vacuum -- endlessly filling their days with as much entertainment and diversions that others present for them.  Everything they do, just becomes their entertainment -- whether that is eating or exercising, seeing the skills of others, or learning what they'll never use.  Meanwhile, they are distracted from all that they could be doing productively, and usefully in their own lives.  Eventually, they are mystified and baffled when everything goes wrong -- and they feel there is nothing they can do about it.

Nothing in life, has conditioned and prepared them for the moment.  It may be a health challenge, or a financial challenge, or even a physical one -- requiring them to think for themselves -- with no explanation by others on what is happening, and what to do.  Those are the moments of truth everyone must eventually face -- and are the tests of how much further one will go on.  That is the ultimate test of one's conditioning and fitness.   It will be unique for every individual.  No standardized test.  And that truly, is what life is -- and must be prepared for.

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty: Putting It All Together

The original intention of my life's work, was to conceive of a manner in which people could stay in tip-top condition all their lives -- in the most meaningful and useful way.  That's obviously the only thing that makes sense -- rather than climbing Mt. Everest -- with a high probability of death, not only for oneself, but all supporting members of that party, or crawling over the finish line after everyone else has gone home.

Meanwhile, they no longer do anything meaningful -- saving themselves for such attempts.  They may even wait for the Handicap Van to take them to the gym where they still get on the machines for a much compromised version of the original designed movement -- without questioning that usefulness in doing so.  They are at this point, just going through the motions thinking that is enough -- rather than the suspicion and possibility, that they don't have to remain in that compromised condition -- if what they are doing, really worked -- and not simply repeating the affirmations that they do, while obviously declining in abilities.

It never occurs to such people, that what they are doing -- is making them that way -- and not that thinking otherwise, is enough to make it so.  But at that point, most are happy to see them doing anything -- with the thought of mastering any skill or ability, long a foregone and preposterous conclusion.  And so, those movements and activities lack that organizing principle and intent -- that measures any progress useful.  They are simply in an endless loop -- they hope to sustain -- rather than moving on to higher and better purpose.

And that is the measure of any activity, movement, and life -- whether young or old, in whatever condition.  Is there some tangible evidence of progress -- in a very obvious and measurable way -- and particularly without incurring further damage and injury?  One need not destroy one's knees, feet, back, and hips -- to prove one still can -- until the day they mercifully die.  That should obviously seem counterproductive -- but is that the only option from all the human capabilities?

But one does not necessarily throw out everything in quest of the new -- but goes back first -- to the known, to try to figure out if there was any wisdom in those time-proven ways.  In weight training, they have standardized their measures around the lifts of bench press, squats and the deadlift -- without thinking that it is possible to combine all three in one very useful and definitive movement of viability -- in rising from a deep flat footed squat to a fully upright position, and back again -- easily, effortlessly, and painlessly throughout a productive normal day and throughout their lives -- that is obvious testament to such abilities.

Nowhere is this more obvious, than in seeing older competitive bodybuilders -- tottering out on atrophied legs, because they can no longer bend at the knees -- and fear to do so.  At that point, they are merely parodies of what they used to be -- rather than the best they can be, at that moment and time.  But they're not going to achieve that by continuing to do what wrecked their knees, hip and back -- by doing those movements with increasingly heavy weights until they ultimately and invariably fail.  At that point, it should become obvious that the chances for injury continuing to do so, approaches absolute certainty -- which one is better off to avoid.

However, discontinuing all movements is not the only option -- as many have been conditioned to believe -- as the only choice they have.  That is simply poor education and conditioning -- instead of the much more valuable and productive approach of considering, and even inventing all the ways possible.  In most cases, fight or flight are not the only actions possible -- as many controlling and manipulative leaders would like one to think.  Nobody is allowed to go outside the box -- they have arbitrarily proscribed.

But increasingly, in this day and age, we realize that it is not the only game (and fate) in town -- and that the world and universe, is vastly more than what some say it is -- for their exclusive advantage and benefit (status).  If one hangs around the senior and disabled populations, the dividing line becomes very apparent -- as to this simple ability to get up and down -- rather than running, jumping, lifting barbells, and even walking.  If one can get up and down, it is far more indicative of ability that shuffling along for any number of miles -- fearing to fall -- because they know they cannot get up!

That now becomes their terror -- rather than the confidence of their best days -- of knowing even if they fall, they can always get back up -- literally and figuratively.  That ability is resilience -- the confidence in knowing that one is still viable even if their desired outcome is not achieved, and they can even go beyond further -- in spite of it.  That outlook and attitude gives one immense confidence -- to live that much greater life than they ever thought possible before.  Thus, the future always lies ahead -- waiting to be discovered, and actualized -- and not that their best days now, are a distant and receding memory from here on out.

Such an attitude becomes increasingly important when one senses diminishing physical capacities -- because there is a greater need for economies and efficiencies -- which is the great equalizer.  That's how some people do more with less -- while others seem to fritter away all their advantages, no matter how much they have.  That is the key insight to achieving success in everything one does -- at any level -- even getting up and down off of one's bed and chair.  It is not that sitting (or lying) is bad -- but that one hardly moves out of that position -- into another, and finally at end-stage, does not move at all off of sore points that can now fester to the inevitable end.

So while the bench press, squat and deadlift have been chosen as the competitive events for lifting the most weight, those movements can be combined to lift the body itself, from its lowest to highest position -- much more meaningfully and productively in everyday life and activities -- by not using weights!  Beginning in the full squat position, one simply places the hands on the knees, leans forward and straightens the arms as though doing a pushup (bench press) into the unversally recognized hands on knees resting position while bentover -- and proceed from there to shrug one's shoulders until one is fully erect.  That is the bench press, squat and deadlift -- all in one integrated, useful motion (movement).

One can further add to that movement by placing one's hands together, interlocking the fingers but leaving the index fingers straight and pointing up towards the ceiling, and straightening the arms as much as possible.  In doing so, one will notice the fullest contraction of the back and shoulder muscles, along with the arms.  That is called The Mountain position in yoga, the overhead lift in weightlifting -- but many in doing so, never proceed to extend their arms to their highest position -- and fullest range of motion for all the muscles and structures involved.  And that is the major difference between those with impressive ranges of movement, and those without.

Reversing those mechanics, allows one to get into the beginning position in the full squat -- which is the universal sitting position of indigenous populations noted for their agility and longevity.  In this way, one uses all the muscles of the body to do the one most productive and useful thing to do -- for the rest of their lives, which is to get up and down from this position.  Even former champion athletes have difficulty in these movements -- because they associate danger and injury with such movements -- instead of making and practicing the safest way to accomplish such movements -- and strengthening that ability.

Monday, July 01, 2019

The Power of Letting Go

Halfway through the year, as well as halfway through life, it is reasonable to ask if one's life is getting better -- or simply worse without end?  Life is very different before and after that turning (tipping) point -- at which one feels the best is ahead of them, or is already a distant and fading memory.  The easiest measure of that is one's present health and well-being -- and how one perceives and expresses that in everything they do.

If life seems to be only increasing aches and pains, and no increasing functionality and capabilities, then certainly, the future does not look bright, or promising.  But if in some measure, one is improving -- no matter how they choose to measure it -- then it seems that improvement is always possible, and with it, even a transcendence onto a higher level of functioning and capabilities.  There will no doubt be times of uncertainty and struggle over the direction one is headed -- until a breakthrough -- or not.

Such a breakthrough for many was learning of the discussions over what constituted the optimal diet -- beyond the old wisdom that more is always better.  That way of thinking, had created the present health crisis, when people who evolved very slowly over millennia, now had an abundance most bodies were unprepared for, and could not recondition themselves to handle.

Whereas food was long defined as something scarce and to be hoarded as much as possible, that strategy is disastrous in conditions of plenty.  An obviously bad way of adaptation, is simply to waste as much as possible -- as the many do when given a windfall -- for which nothing in their previous experience and training, had prepared them adequately for.  In that way, many simply turn their good fortune into greater problems -- even spending more than they have, while not realizing it.  They think all they have to do is come down with the initial down payment, and then it is life happily forever after.  Naturally, they go out and spend even more.

So that legacy can be a huge problem, if society has not prepared its individuals to handle success -- as well as they do failures.  If such skills of solving problems is all they know, many come to perpetuate the problems, so they can solve them again -- rather than moving on to higher levels of challenge and learning.  That is the characteristic of the leading edge of societies -- to discover the unknown, and better know what they don't know -- which is the root of their problems and difficulties.

One can't be "right," if everything meaningful in their lives, is wrong -- as the truly dysfunctional, insist life must be -- and there is no other.  They simply have not continued to search and learn -- but have settled for the first wrong answer they can find.  They need that certainty -- even if it is wrong, and makes everything in life a struggle -- against every other reality.

So the simplicity of the matter comes down to this -- not doing anything -- including eating, and from that mindfulness, one see what works, and not the chatter that fills most lives.  One must first be quiet and still, and from that stillness, all movement becomes apparent -- but never if the mind is always restless, contending with itself, overriding all the other senses.  That is also the feature that ultimately defines contemporary digital life -- either zero or one, computed as many times as necessary.  From that, we can derive the most complex answers -- and deconstruct its simplicity and elegance.

The complex and complicated, is the confusion necessary -- to market the unpalatable, and indigestible.    When those conditions are invoked, all manner of mischief rule the day -- but thinking people, are also mobilized to solve that overwhelming problem of the day -- as the categorical imperative of any species -- or its very survival is in jeopardy.  So things do not get infinitely worse, but get worse to the point, that all other endeavors and activities, are subsumed to this great urgency -- when facing virtual extinction, unless there is a way out.

That way out, is the realization that everything is connected and related to everything else -- and not that there are a different set of rules, for every category and specialization one can think of -- as their exclusive, inviolable turf.  This ultimate fragmentation causes all of reality to fall apart -- but also to be reconstructed in a better way.  That is merely the story of evolution -- as well as individual lives.  We have to let go of the old, for the new to come into being.

That is the wisdom of fasting -- to cure most contemporary human ills -- and unless periodically done, there is nothing but the accumulation of the old, weak and diseased cells -- while the body is ingeniously designed to improve itself -- unless it is thought otherwise.  And it is largely this thought, that makes full restoration unavailable and impossible -- and not that is is difficult or impossible in itself.  People have been conditioned to maintain the status quo at all costs -- even if it is to their detriment and ultimate destruction.  Thus the solution, is largely a matter of reconditioning to the latest, greatest understanding -- and not holding on to everything that has brought us to this present crisis.

And that crisis is that everyone suffers from this inability to let go of the old -- and being reborn in this way, which is the natural recycling process of the human body -- and all life forms, for that matter.  That's why life persists -- and not that we have to crank up our heart rates or the heart won't function at all.  Also, one doesn't have to keep on feeding the body, if one is way overweight and obese.  The body is designed to live off of its stored reserves -- for as long as necessary -- because it has evolved that way.

We know those problems as the twin problems of obesity and diabetes -- of which current assessments, regard that more than half either have diabetes or prediabetes, and are the precursors to every other disease and dysfunction of the human body.  So whether diagnosed or not, one should simply treat oneself as though that were the problem -- since it probably is, and follow the well-proven cure for it -- of Intermittent Fasting, a Ketogenic Diet, and let Autophagy do the rest. 

That's the only thing we need to learn -- and that will enable everything else.  That is the critical path.  That is the fundamental understanding of life.  That is the dividing line between the healthy and the sick.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Better -- Not More

Quality of life is about "better" -- and not simply "more" of the same, which implies that at some point, there is a transformative leap into a wholly different realm of experience than simply a linear progression along the predictable course.  As such, it is difficult to measure -- or to predict -- because it is a leap into the unknown and unexpected, and so the inquiring mind, has to be open to outcomes that exceed their expectations -- because that great success, would have been unimaginable starting out.

And that is what every great leap in consciousness has been -- and not merely bigger and better clubs for subduing all the others -- although admittedly, a few are still operating on that level.  But that should be well regarded as "kindergarten," and not a major thrust forward in evolution -- which is the greater meaning and purpose of life in every aspect.

In this ultimate game, the goal posts are always being moved, so one has to be prepared and poised, to move in any dimension effectively -- and not just the fixed objective for time immemorial.  That is how their youthful strategies fail them in time -- and simply remaining as they used to be, is no longer a winning strategy -- but finds them competing less successfully with each year, until they give up and drop out for the remainder of their lives -- which can be as soon as no one is there to tell them what to do with every moment of their lives.

At some point of their upbringing, it is hoped that they assume that responsibility and control themselves -- and become one less person to have to nurture, with a real possibility that they find a better way for generations to come.  One must then allow for the possibility that there is more than meets the eye of possible outcomes -- and provide for that possibility as well, leaving a margin for error, that could also work marvelously in their favor -- beyond their wildest expectations.

In these times, in this age, that would be the real possibility of not only living extraordinarily long lives (as have already been achieved), but doing so without the accompanying condition of deterioration -- heretofore regarded as inevitable and normal -- rather than merely predictable due to a lack of better understanding.  That is to say, that what we think to be true, is simply wrong, and we have to realize that -- rather than devoting all our resources to defending and rationalizing that as the only possible outcome.

That was the way it was for many years -- preparatory to a breakout, and breakthrough.    Society hits a wall, but that gets everybody thinking along the same conclusion -- that everything we thought was right, was presumed, but never proven.  It just seemed so rational, that one would have been a fool to question those premises and presumptions -- so one is best proceeding with caution, rather than being the first to hop on every passing bandwagon -- thinking they are on the road to paradise and unmistakable certainty.

Nowhere is that more true, than in the instruction of the health sciences -- in which one frequently is instructed to give 110%, when it is more prudent and productive to know the 10%, that accounts for 90% of the favorable results -- and when played out over a sufficient amount of time, compounds to an overwhelming sum that could not have been imagined starting with such a modest effort.  But then, the reason for their modest effort, was in admitting and realizing they could be wrong -- yet proceeded cautiously, in contrast to those who gambled 110%, certain that things could only go their way.

That is an egregious and often irrecoverable mistake -- but not unlike those who are overly certain of anything -- until they are no longer certain of anything, anymore -- and their lives and well-being, are totally in the hands of others.  It need never get to that point -- if one leaves open the possibility that one could be wrong, and not simply proceeding more certainly, despite all the warning signs along the way.  They probably mean something.

Life is precisely that way.  Things don't work out because one is wrong -- and needs to better their understanding of the process, and not simply apply more force and conviction -- and everything will be all right.  It doesn't work that way.  All that can be known, is not already known -- but remains to be discovered, in each and every moment.  The thought is not the actuality -- because one can be mistaken in thinking of the actuality; it may in fact, have nothing to do with the actuality.  That is how so many can be so wrong -- having been taught that their knowledge was an absolute certainty -- but never proven to be so, in the actuality.

One should not mistake the hypothesis (theory), for the reality of the matter -- particularly, when the results are unpredictable, and more contradictory despite our certainty.  Simply hearing it repeated over and over again by many different people, does not make it any truer.

Exercise should not be hard, and made harder -- but rather easy, and made easier -- in order to remain productive and doable all one's days.  One hopes to achieve effortless movement throughout the full range of that possibility -- and not simply handling the most weight (resistance) only at a single point along that full articulation, which is what most people's conditioning program consists of.  They develop strength in only one position -- rather than the full range of movement, which is a development entirely different.

That disproportion of strength along the full range of movement, is what particularly makes older bodybuilders look so peculiar -- because the muscle, instead of expressing a full development, obviously and disturbingly express that imbalance, and disproportion.  It is not pleasing to the eye, but points out the vulnerability of maintaining such imbalance -- at a critical moment of failure.  At such a moment, one can be totally incapacitated -- often experienced alarmingly but commonly to the previously impervious -- by an Achilles tendon tear, and then try as they might, all momentary effort is realized as futile -- and should desist, rather than increase -- thinking to will one's way to a more favorable outcome.

Injuries are nature's way of advising one to slow down -- and better learn to work within one's momentary capabilities -- which are always changing, and rightly so.  But that could also lead to a better understanding and way of moving and doing things -- than simply running faster, jumping higher, and lifting more -- as the best, or only solution.  In this manner, evolutionary progress is made, and not simply more of the same.  Even with 110% of the effort.  Or 110% of the certainty.

Rather, one has taken a step back, in order to leap farther forward.

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Lifestyle, Diet, Exercise -- Putting It All Together

The three foundations upon which every individual has immeasurable control over their outcomes, is lifestyle, diet and exercise.  That is the world they live in -- more than what society and any other imposes on them.

The key to lifestyle is mindfulness, for which the alternative is mindlessness -- which in everything one undertakes, determines the quality of their experiences.  Mindfulness developed to a high degree, is what people also call meditation -- or cultivating that mindfulness.  It is achieved simply in being aware of what one is doing -- and not hoping to achieve something other -- which is the fragmentation of thought from action, resulting in mindlessness, in everything they do -- no matter how much of it they do.

So the best way to begin, is to do nothing -- and be aware of that doing -- and not thinking, "I should be doing something -- or I should be doing something else," which takes attention away from what they are actually doing.  Many unfortunately live their entire lives that way -- preferring the illusion for the real.  Eventually they cannot tell any difference -- and so nothing matters, and every action is futile.

So one asks, "How can one achieve this mindfulness?"  The simplest and quickest way is to fast -- which observant people have been saying for ages.  That is to do nothing, and be intently focused on that -- and that is the easiest way to "know oneself" -- as simply as possible.  Anything else becomes a bit more complicated -- and so in learning anything, we begin with the easy, and not the most complicated.  There will be plenty of time for the complex -- but that understanding begins with the simple, and easy. 

However, many on hearing this, immediately pose a complication -- and so can never get started -- even for a moment.  And that is all it takes -- to begin any journey, and accomplish anything monumental.  They never begin -- anything.  They will talk long and hard at how difficult (or impossible) it would be to embark -- piling difficulty upon difficulty that makes even the thought of such an action prohibitive.  It is simply the unthinkable -- anything but that.  But that is also how they are with anything else -- and all they need to, is convince everybody else of that futility of judgment and action.  And so they are mired in hopelessness -- never venturing to find out what would happen if they did otherwise.

One does not have to administer a half-day intelligence test to test another for this resolve.  It can be determined in their willingness to find out their own limits -- in the simplest terms possible, which in laboratory mice as well as humans, can be readily observed by their action towards food.  Can they resist it -- even for a moment?  And then it was noted that those that could defer those immediate gratifications, were capable of achieving much higher rewards in the hierarchy of needs.

And those are the things that really matter -- and not just showing up for every meal -- or treat.  They have much bigger fish to fry -- and more important things to do.  So that is a very powerful exercise -- is learning to distinguish the more important from the less so.  And that is what we are seeking to accomplish in every thing we do (exercise) -- or we can just wear ourselves out, rather than prepare us for successively greater achievements.  In that manner, we become much greater than we could have imagined from the beginning -- without practice.  But each practice, is a benchmark for any other subsequent attempts.

However, one will never get anywhere, never taking the first step -- and so it is essentially important to begin -- even without knowing where one hopes to end.  The awareness of where one is, will guide them on the proper path.  So the beginning or the end is not important -- as knowing where one is, and what one is actually doing.  As always, the easiest place to start -- is at point zero -- and know where one is, because if one doesn't know that, they could already be at where they think they want to be -- yet thinking they have to be somewhere else.

And so they search the world trying to find a perfect place -- yet have never bothered to discover where they are.  So what makes them think there will be any difference being somewhere else? 

For the last fifty years, we have been advised and warned not to listen to our own bodies (senses), but instead to heed the "experts," who it now turns out, have no idea what they are talking about -- but that doesn't stop them from mindlessly repeating the fallacies of the past as though they were eternal truths.  It's not like finding out the truth for oneself, will cost them their lives -- as they are often warned -- with the threat of an imminent heart attack, stroke or Alzheimer's -- for disobeying the dietary and exercise guidelines, although they haven't worked.

In fact, they are the very diseases and problems of these times -- the obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndromes -- despite following all the rules.  It could be that it is not in spite of following that advice -- but actually because of it -- that is responsible for the health crises of our time.  But now the tide may be turning -- because people are being advised to listen to their own bodies and senses -- first, and not in deference to the expert opinions that may have no idea what they are even talking about.

That's how much the world has changed -- and is much better for it.  "Experts" now have to prove they know something -- by actualizing it.  Otherwise, they're just "jerks" pretending to know what they have no idea what they are talking about -- but repeating it because they think that makes them seem knowledgeable -- even if they have not begun to ask the right questions.