Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's Wrong with Government (Society)

Government in Hawaii (US), has become almost exclusively about getting more money for government workers, and not about providing public service, and the participation of the community at large -- because they realize it is about serving the career aspirations and desire for government workers to be on the top -- permanently, like the oligarchies fighting to hang onto their positions of privilege in other countries. In this, they are aided by the "Communication Workers of America," to ensure that only the "politically correct" message gets out there -- while claiming to be completely objective.

But it is a well-documented fact that government workers all substantially exceed the median income -- while claiming to be the oppressed and entitled to ever more. You can't pay the median the top 5% -- but those above the median, have to go their singular way to obtain those rewards -- and not that they become the entitlement of those who belong to the right party -- the Democrats or the Baathists.

That should disturb even liberals and progressives, but surely is a concern for every fair-minded and independent-person that is in rare supply these days.

In order to reward the creativity and innovation that will create a more perfect society, we can't simply reward those who wish to maintain the status quo of doing what has already been done before -- the same as these entrepreneurs, that do create new industries and jobs -- and not just demanding more for their own jobs -- as much as these deservingly valued risk-takers.

And then completely overlooked these days, are the truly weak and unfortunate, who are now just being exploited by those who know how to play the "government" game for their own funding, fancy titles and six-figure incomes -- "in the service of the poor." They start believing their own propaganda, and then deride the hard-working people at Walmarts or McDonalds as fools for not being smart enough to climb aboard the union/Democrat gravy train.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Understanding Liberalism

Although liberals like to call themselves "progressives," hoping to infer "enlightened," and "objective," the liberal arts reached their heights in the medieval ages, as the primary defense against an emerging "scientific method" of inquiry, that allowed individuals to conduct their independent inquiries and experiments and come to their own conclusions -- rather than accepting as truth, what the hierarchy of authority, wished to act as the sole arbiter of the truth in every matter.

As such, the "liberal arts" were the ancient world's trivium of grammar, rhetoric, and dialectic, buttressed by the quadrivium of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music -- still hoping to hold sway, in the modern world that enables and empowers every individual to do their own research and thinking, rather than accepting the authority, of those predetermined to be highly esteemed, which are invariably the people ensconced and sinecured at liberal institutions, ie., the universities (schools), church, government and media.

So not surprisingly, they wish to preserve this system of status and privilege, and use their skills in the liberal arts, to convince everyone else, that such a system should continue, as the enlightened path of society and civilization -- and not that everyone should really be equal -- but they should be "more equal" than everyone else, and entitled to everyone else's share of the pie also, because they have "sacrificed" themselves in the service of the public good to be their leaders. Otherwise, they would be gods.

But because of the superiority of their compassion, they chose to serve mankind, by serving themselves, and distinguish themselves by doing the thinking for everyone else. Thus the distinctive quality of liberalism, is the repeating of one daily mantra posted by the Democratic Underground and Daily Kos, of the talking points, every member of the liberal wing must repeat in solidarity, to combat and drown out the cacophony of many individuals thinking and speaking for themselves -- which should be proof enough, that they don't know the mandated political correctness of the day, and how it must be repeated faithfully without questioning that authority and their entitlements.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It Only Makes Sense

A person either is a teacher -- or they're not.

Why should Hawaii taxpayers be supporting all these "bad" teachers for life -- because that's what the union says they must. And then they create all these arbitrary and bureaucratic rules to keep the "good" teachers out -- so that there can be more jobs and job security for all their bad teachers, who then have to become education administrators because otherwise, the students will give them a bad time because they have nothing to teach -- except how to "act" like a teacher who knows something.

Obviously, education can't continue to just be about job security for teachers who don't want to teach and aren't gifted for doing so -- and just paying them more is not going to change that.

You have to let gifted teachers teach -- and not just those who know how to play the game so that nobody else can teach.

So it makes a lot of sense, that the board of education should not be preselected by the self-serving teachers' union and their lobbyists.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is He For Real?

It looks like Hawaii finally got the governor it needs -- someone who can tell them the truth -- that government can't exist just to serve its own government employees and their lobbyists (unions), while the rest exist only to be taxed so that the public service workers can remain in the top half of society.

Any society can, and rightfully should, pay one worker $100,000 a year to lead the government. But it can't pay every rank and file worker $100,000 -- for life, whether they do anything or not. That's not a sustainable culture except in the fantasies of union labor leaders -- all making more than the governor and chief executive officers of all but a few major corporations.

The comparable peers of government workers, is the median of all the workers in society -- and not the top 5% -- of which if they were, they would certainly not be working for the government in a rank and file job, because they would be creating a new industry and more jobs for others, and not simply be doing what has always been done before.

Instead, the right compensation for government workers is the median of all those employed in comparable rank and file jobs -- which includes the Walmart and 7-11 worker and file clerks in countless small businesses -- and not the ONE who is the personal assistant to Donald Trump, etc.

It hasn't been a "sacrifice" to work for the governments of Hawaii, but a great privilege and trust that should not be abused to rob the citizens of Hawaii blind, deaf and dumb -- and buy off all media to promote their misinformation that they are the great deprived, rather than substantially above the median -- even as cleaners.

So when the governor proposes that pensions for those in the upper half of income earners should be taxed because they have lifetime, HIGH fixed incomes, it seems to be a reasonable solution in a state in which increasingly many, have no income at all, and have just given up -- so that the media can continue to publish their bogus low unemployment rates to justify the demands of the unions for even more than above the median they are already getting.

And then on top of that, they've even been reimbursing government retirees for what should be their (every individual's) own portion of Medicare -- which at least then, should be a level playing field instead of another union privilege to retain the great inequalities that now distinguish Hawaii. You can't keep on giving people with more than their fair share, more than their fair share -- without those at the bottom, of which they "claim" to be, nothing, and no chance for climbing onboard.

That's why there is no moral authority to deal with the homeless or any of the criminal activities -- because they know, that corruption of fairness, is what is required to keep them perennially at the top -- and everybody else at the bottom. Who wouldn't call that paradise -- but just for themselves?

But that's when the people start to realize it doesn't always have to be that way -- with the few favored by government, getting everything, and leaving nothing for everybody else. Very few leaders can see that, so maybe there is a reason Neil Abercrombie is governor of Hawaii, rather than anybody else.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

What You Really Need to Know About the New Lighting

The important thing to look for In compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL)-- is the K rating -- the higher, the better, which is often labeled as "daylight," or full-spectrum bulbs, meaning they simulate natural sunlight, and some people detect that they have more blues, and even ultra-violet. The current best standard is 6500K, although the original full-spectrum bulbs developed were 5000K.

The CFL bulbs most people are familiar with, and dislike as substandard lighting, are those with low K ratings, usually denoted as "soft-white," or "warm" light, because they have more yellow, red, and infrared and heat. They are usually 2700K.

The high K rating bulbs are usually found in stores that cater to arts and crafts -- because they allow a person to do fine-detail work with their eyes for long periods of time -- without the eyestrain, and give a true rendering of color, since it approximates natural daylight. Many with "poor vision," especially in reading, can be "cured" by using this better lighting -- which even many eye doctors claim, should not make a difference -- but it does to the millions who know this for a fact.

These full-spectrum bulbs, are often used in indoor growing operations, because plants also like them, and evolved in natural daylight, just as animals have. Without natural light stimulus, life would be nonexistent -- and the simple experiment of growing a plant in a dark closet will prove that. But if a CFL is kept on in that closet, a plant will grow and actually flourish -- just as humans will, with optimal lighting, but poor lighting, as with the old incandescents which consume a lot of electricity while producing a lot of heat, is an inappropriate choice for too warm climates.

Until recently, these full-spectrum, state-of-the-art lighting, sold at a premium, just as the newer LEDs (light emitting diodes) presently do, that are an even purer light without producing heat, except that now, they are often sold at the same price as the substandard CFLs or only a slight premium -- to the unwary, who don't think it makes a difference, or to those who prefer the yellowish-red hues, as what they are conditioned to prefer in lighting -- as substandard to real daylight.

They think that artificial light should be not as good as actual daylight. But the tanning bed lightbulbs, are these distinctly overwhelming whitish light, and the full-spectrum CFL are their weaker counterparts, that although do not have this powerful tanning effect, are important to stimulating the brain and eyes to maintain their health, since 95% of the stimulus to the brain, is light.

People deprived of this natural light when trapped in cave-ins, or those who choose to live in them, tend to be stunted in their growth, or make weird adaptations, as with the animals of the deep seas, that seem like alien life-forms. Currently, one of the popular misguided pronouncements is that one should avoid sunlight if at all possible, which has caused a whole generation to come down with osteoporosis and dementias for the lack of the proper healthful light stimulus (vitamin D), and the healthful effects on the brain and eyes.

One of the best ways of using CFLs, is to turn them on and leave them on -- especially in light-poor areas that are likely to cause accidents, like darkened interior stairways, walk-in closets, darkened interiors and exteriors after dark susceptible to criminal and suspicious aggregations and activities. There is a huge difference between no lighting, and even a little, in improving such locations and environments. Keeping the bulbs on, enables them to last longer because the CFL
weakness, is the number of times it is switched on and off, and not the length of time it remains on. So it's best use, is to determine the darkest place in the environment, and keep that light on constantly, so that even if one has to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, or for any other purpose, one has light available to safely move about -- which otherwise, is a hazardous activity, in those who think it is wise to economize that way -- and often incur life-threatening injuries in that manner. Light also gives the impression that one is under observation, or is "at home," deterring casual crimes of opportunity.

These full-spectrum CFLs therefore, represent a quantum leap into superior lighting over the substandard incandescent bulbs and even the old, familiar CFLs. Even Costco sells a 75 watt equivalent "daylight" CFL, 6 bulbs at $9.99, or $1.66, a bulb, for the state-of-the-art in lighting. They actually consume 18 watts. The 60 watt equivalents seem slightly underpowered, at 13 watts, while the 100 watt equivalents (23 watts actual), may be more than one needs for ambient (base) lighting.