Thursday, April 29, 2010

Death By Union Agreement

Defending the unions is not going to make all your jobs come back -- because that is the reason the newspapers died, as the auto industry before them, steel, airlines, etc. -- before they realized they'd just monopolize government directly.

And you ask, Why should they? Government makes the rules dictating fairness for all workers, and if they aren't going to abide by them, and actually provide that leadership, then why should anybody else? No private enterprise is going to be able to compete with government -- because government has the ability to create whatever revenues they think that society will bear, before ultimately revolting against oppressive taxes, or simply dying without a whimper when all the private enterprises have been eliminated.

Then the only "industries" become the exploitation known as real estate speculation -- and make-work government projects, like the Rail, Boat, Natatorium, Convention Center -- all promising to create unlimited economic opportunities before the next great panacea.

What do the unions do that create the ultimate doom for any society? They eliminate free competition that rewards talent and ability in favor of seniority, towing the party line, maintaining and defending the status quo as the qualities that are most unquestioningly revered. That further drives out those with talent and ability remaining in that gene pool -- which was also true of the legacy publications, like the newspapers, as well as the university book publishers, who insisted everybody had to learn to read academic jargon instead of everyday vernacular. The Associated Press style became similarly obsolete -- in the age of interactive communications and information, with editors still insisting they alone should do the thinking for the whole community -- just like in the good old days, and always.

And that's why they are stunned now to see their captured audiences shrinking, or have not been there all along, but that was the delusion everybody "subscribed" to -- as the only game in town. So even as they thought they were being as "objective" as humanly possible, their union mentality shined through, as the reason they remained in the positions they did -- and not by the individual merit they thought they would command even in a free market of ideas.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lucky Live Hawaii, I Guess

Everybody, get back in your place.

Senator Dan, will tell you when it is your turn.

Now, get back in the booths and vote for MORE OF THE SAME -- just like we told you to.

When we want your opinion, we'll ask for it, but until then, DO ONLY as we tell you to.

Vote for MORE OF THE SAME because we have to protect "loyalty" and "seniority" over everything else -- especially talent and ability.

What if everybody thought for themselves? Could we have a strong and unified Democrat Party of Hawaii and unions demanding all the money for ourselves? No, the people would want to keep the money they earn for themselves, to spend on what they want and think is important -- and not how we tell them to -- for our benefit alone.

If people want to live in Hawaii, they have to play by our rules -- which is that they have to pay five times more for everything -- to support more Democrats doing nothing -- in high paying jobs supervising that nobody steps out of line and tries to think for themselves.

OK, now let the elections continue. We wouldn't want the people to think they have no freedom and choices in Paradise.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Killed the Newspapers?

The First Amendment is the freedom OF religion (expression), and not the freedom FROM religion (expression), which of course, is suppression, oppression and censorship of only that speech they approve of.

That's the reason the newspapers (old media) died, or failed, when they no longer could exclusively impose their political correctness on everybody else -- even in the way in which they could be expressed (Associated Press style), and academia became irrelevant because they could not speak to the people directly but were reliant on the intermediaries of the media and the institutions (schools) they interpret their "brilliance" to the greater audience.

But those capabilities for direct expression were now given to everyone to speak their own truth, in their own manner of expressing them (which is integral to that truth), and so the world changed in that way that the world of thought control is still reeling from, and hopes will return to that of their own control and monopoly again.

Some people's lives are religious, and to deny that, is to deny their basic expression -- and for most of the last two thousand years, lives were essentially religious, and so to deny any reference to religion, is the denial of most of human history and the forces that made it so. As such, one doesn't have to burn books to suppress that important component that distinguished lives and explained why people moved from religious persecution to freer environments -- and not just arbitrarily so.

That is still the driving force of these times -- that people move towards more freedom and choices, and not less -- and preferring even, that a self-selected few should be allowed to continue to do all their thinking FOR them, speak FOR them, as the new improved political correctness of these times.

Of course, most of them still don't get it, and will go down to the end, trying to convince everybody else what to think -- as those outmoded syndicated columnists of another era -- still trying to get everybody in the country on the right page, discussing only what they think the world ought to think important -- and even demanding that that be so, as the only way a civilized society has ever allowed.

Fast forward to the present times.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture?

There goes the ACLU protecting criminals and terrorists rights to "express" themselves by victimizing the majority of citizens asking for safety and security against the few who have no respect and regard for the rights of others. That's why they have to have these restrictions -- to protect the innocent, and not the guilty -- although admittedly, the latter would be the best arrangement to provide permanent job security for lawyers, emergency personnel, security, criminals, politicians.

But like so many other "professionals," they need to look beyond their own narrow self-interests to the greater good of the community -- in which safety must always trump freedom, especially when the ruthless interpret those freedoms as the right to terrorize and intimidate the weak and innocent.

I know that not discriminating between criminal activity and lawful, respectful, productive behavior is a cherished, inalienable right of Hawaii, but we need laws that make sense and protect the innocent.

Otherwise, as we're coming to realize, the good people go away (because they can), and only the criminals and weak are left -- to realize their sense of urgency and desperation, that they have to make their own stand against the personalities and forces that persecute and torment them. That is why, periodically throughout history, there is a revolt against the historical pattern, onto quite a different path -- because human civilization does not devolve, but must evolve to a higher level or it perishes, as the extinct and forgotten have done so more often than not.

Life is reserved for the winners -- who have figured out a way to make life better for themselves and as many others as their present technologies and understanding make possible. If that societal vision makes life better only for a smaller few, then its intentions and fate, have been well-established and determined to be unsustainable.

A smaller and smaller circle ensures that the greater talent and ability will be locked out -- on the other side, leading the war against them. That is the fatal mistake of every society that has failed before, and the secret of success to those civilizations that now flourish and are successful at recruiting talent and ability to their side, to their cause -- with themselves invariably at the top, and intending to remain so forever.

That realization is the awakening from innocence -- of having the world made for one and finding one's proper place in it, or establishing a new world that one assumes the responsibility of creating -- which is the act of liberation, and not just enjoying the freedoms "given" to one, as the only ones that can be. A true and greater freedom, is the liberation from even those few "freedoms" of the past -- that are now recognized as the barriers and hindrances they were.

One assumes those responsibilities when one is ready to -- and cannot before. In such a world, lawyers, judges and arbitrators determine for everyone else, what is justice and social good -- rather than everybody, doing it for themselves, and enjoying that exercise of human actualization not even thought possible before.