Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Let the people die!"

Beginning with their own HGEA members. If the people don't want to work and save themselves, let them all die -- or swim to the mainland where they can all get those high-paying jobs they think everybody on the mainland have.

Who do you think have made these jobs as nurses, teachers, bureaucrats so terrible and unfair? It is their own unions determining that those with more seniority have the right to exploit those with less seniority -- and get paid twice as much for doing the same work, but in fact, less or no work -- so the newcomers have to do twice as much for half as much.

That is all the union's' doing so they can point to the guy who has the least seniority and say, "Look how little she's getting -- only half the average pay -- and not the top pay they are getting elsewhere," as though the people will never see through the obvious half-truths, and the media will do their best, to fool the people -- as they've always done before because that's the way they (union) do things too.

That is the curse of Hawaii -- that all the people with any brains and cunning, use it to exploit the rest, instead of helping all the people -- and not just themselves, their union, their ohana. That's why Hawaii doesn't work anymore -- and all the money goes to pay people doing nothing, and there is just increasing hopelessness for all those who will not play along, go along to exploit the newcomers and now their own young, who have to flee for those better lives elsewhere, where the cost of living is a hlaf to a quarter of what it costs to live in "Paradise."

Never has it made more sense for the best and the brightest to leave for the better life people are creating for themselves elsewhere -- everywhere else in the world.

Behold the homeless and the future of Hawaii. It doesn't have to be that way -- and the only way the unions will force Hawaii to be. It's okay to leave that dying society behind -- and enjoy living in communities in which every faction is not trying to exploit all the others for their own, exclusive benefit -- just like in the old days. The rest of the world, have moved into the 21st century. Only Hawaii is living in the Dark Ages -- and have been brainwashed by their teachers, their government, their unions, into thinking that is the best of all possible worlds -- because assuredly, it isn't.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

For All the People -- Equally

The purpose of American government is to work to ensure the benefits and welfare for all the people equally -- and not just for themselves exclusively, which is the tone and tenor of government workers now. "We deserve it -- but nobody else does -- and we deserve it as lifetime permanent entitlements."

That was the reason for the American Revolution -- and the French, Russian, Chinese, etc. One group of people decided they should be the nobility (entitled) and privileged permanently -- over all the others.

Government work should be rotated as the right and responsibility among all the people -- and not just become the sinecures of a few self-designated for life -- which is primarily the unions doing, and where government went wrong in the great American experiment. Government is best when there is high turnover -- among the entire population, so that everyone is equally vested in those benefits and welfare of everyone equally -- instead of the mentality of government workers now that they are not like the workers at Walmart, McDonalds, the Star-Advertiser, etc. but are God's specially chosen few.

That is the mentality that has destroyed American society and government -- and has caused the doom of every society in which a few attempt to make that status quo permanent.

Teachers are teachers because they are first the discoverers of that truth -- and not just people who are the biggest, smartest person in the kindergarten classroom -- for life. True teachers are respected and valued because they do something other than teach; they have to first learn, and not only what their teachers teach them, etc., and that means learning how to think for and by themselves, instead of just sticking together and chanting what their union leaders tell them to chant.

And that's why government workers should leave government employment -- because those jobs (and benefits) do not belong to them personally, but to all the people -- for all the people, equally.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

End of An Era

For the last 50 years, one of the lifelong dreams for many, was to retire to Hawaii -- and blissfully live out the balance of one's life in carefree Paradise.

But that hasn't been the case for the last five years, after the resurgence to prosperity beginning with the War on Terror restoring safety to worldwide travel in the prior five years . The myth now, was that Hawaii was well on its way to recovery before 9/11/01 -- when the truth was, it was still bumping along at the bottom -- and when 9/11 hit, many felt that it was all over -- as the streets of Waikiki were deserted, and planes flew out of Japan bound for Hawaii, with only a dozen passengers -- while the planes going out, were overbooked.

But as the mythmakers would retell it -- the resurgence and blow-off top in 2008, was not because of President Bush's unexpected brilliant response to the plague that had been terrorism all over the world hiding in friendly regimes with the continued expectation that they would remain untouchable -- was no longer true. Terrorists would now be hunted down wherever they were. One of the first to see the handwriting on the wall, was Ghadaffi, who declared he was no longer a terrorist, or a friend of terrorists.

Fittingly that now, he should serve as the end of that chapter in which the rest of the world stood by helplessly, as the terrorists did what they wanted, with very little fear of reprisals. That was the world, pre-9/11, and the Bush Doctrine, of "Not in my backyard, not now, not ever."

And with that assurance of the new world order and reality, the world's economies took off -- even if it was to overheat and finally crash in 2008 -- which a few saw coming, even while most did not. That seemed to mark the peak and the end of
Western Civilization, and the beginning of the greater Global Civilization and consciousness -- in which the emerging nations like Brazil, Russia, India and China, play an increasingly larger part.

A large part is because of the increasing world view, and not just our provincial part of it, dominating the world consciousness -- which was especially true of such places as Hawaii, which thought of itself as the place everyone wanted to be. But because of that flush of success and prosperity that was not earned but given -- the people didn't know how to handle it, and manage it into a sustainable community and society -- but everybody grabbed for the whole pie, destroying it in the process, for everybody else, as well as themselves.

That would signal the end of that era -- and manner of thinking.

Monday, September 05, 2011

They Won't Be Able to Run A Rail System Either

Oahu has 900,000 people spread out over 600 sq. miles; San Francisco has 900,000 people in 49 sq. miles, which is 12 times more people in the same area, but it is surrounded by 12 times that number in the greater Bay area, which is the kind of population where successful heavy rail projects are typically built -- justifying the need for capital intensive infrastructure spread out among a much greater population and users.

You just can't build such a system with unlimited monies these days -- because there isn't unlimited free money to go around. Hawaii, like everywhere else now, has to resort to intelligent-intensive solutions -- and particularly the use of private initiatives and funding, as longterm viable and sustainable solutions.

The fact of the matter is that the rail is being built where people are not actually even living presently -- but in the hopes that they will move out there once a rail and other infrastructure is built -- in the hopes that Oahu (Hawaii) will continue to have the population growth rates it has experienced over the last 50 years, during which time, it has become one of the most prohibitively expensive places to live.

That's not going to attract retiring Baby Boomers from all over the country to move there to build up the local real estate to the stratospheric levels required to bail out the real estate speculators -- who feed into as well as promote this wishful thinking. Even if it did play out, then the increasing congestion and crowding would deter future additional movement there -- to be at the mercy of the monopolies (unions) of Hawaii, and arbitrariness of government bureaucrats further spending their monies.

Jobs have become so far removed from actual needs and solving any problems, that Hawaii's leaders think that just creating high-paying jobs is a solution in itself -- even if it solves no real problem, because they have become so detached to any such realities (requirements) that jobs are created to solve problems -- and not so every friend of the union and political leaders can have one.

There's just not enough unlimited free money to go around. Even ask your friend, Mr. Obama. It's already the end of the line, and the end of an era of unlimited government spending -- just because we can. Meanwhile, there are people living, urinating, defecating on the sidewalks, parks, beaches, public transportation shelters, outside the police stations, etc., and the public officials are powerless to do anything about it.

They won't be able to run a rail system either.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Uses and Abuses of Expression

One of the great challenges of life is being known -- and knowing others.

That's why people want to become famous and powerful -- and so it only makes sense to be known as the person you really are, as one of the great imperatives of life -- in knowing who YOU are. And one will never find that out by pretending to be many people; in fact, that is the source of one's confusion, recognized previously as schizophrenia, multiple personalities, or the fragmented personality -- always in conflict with themselves, as well as others.

One of the amusing things about the creation of aliases, was that one of the first abuses of anonymity, was for the mainstream writers to create many "aliases" directing people to their articles, and praising themselves effusively as the greatest personages of all time -- written in their unmistakable style and perspective.

So it is just like the old manipulations of the mainstream media to proclaim that they report the "facts," and what everybody else writes is "opinion," that they are magnanimously entitled to -- rather than that ideologies, propaganda, and marketing are often presented as the "facts," that they wish us to know -- as the political correctness, consensus or conventional wisdom -- whatever they think we ought to believe as the facts -- usually that they above all, are objective, impartial and non-self-aggrandizing.

At the height of the old mainstream media dominance, publications often allowed only reader comments on the content they had previously published as the only things readers could comment on -- as though that was the limits of what could be known, often boasting that that was "all the news fit to print." That's how people learned the abuses of expression -- and suppression, manipulation and control

Labels are not a substitute for thinking things through but are reliable triggers for eliciting knee-jerk reactions that provoke one segment of society to go to war against the other -- to exercise their power and control of the others. That is a temptation very few can resist -- but that is the necessary first step to a truly enlightened society.