Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Is the Press So Strangely Silent Now?

It should be clear to the old media columnists (soon to be the obsolete media), that individuals can and do want to think for themselves -- instead of having these phony self-anointed "brilliant" politically correct (leftist) leaders do all their thinking for them and tell them what they need to chant while marching on the Democrat/union lines.

So they can't fathom, and strongly disapprove how the the tea-partiers can actually be the authentic desire of people to maintain their independence of thought and action, in a way totally alien to the self-proclaimed "progressives" (liberals) of a previous time and age, who have become the "reactionaries" of these present times (as has always happened before), who are mindlessly and steadfastly defending the old status quo in which they were told what to repeat by the establishment demagogues -- as though they thought of it themselves.

And now, during the worst ecological disaster of all time, for which the press would have been unmerciful to President Bush for not cleaning up overnight, they are deafeningly silent as iBama goes "on vacation." They no longer have Bush to blame for everything, and so now are powerless to do anything else.

Meanwhile, we see iconic liberal institution after institution, disappear, because they have served their "usefulness," and they awake to the realization, that that inviolable Democrat/union/media unholy alliance they thought would go on in perpetuity, they are the first to be "thrown under the bus," when the left realizes, they no longer need the media to be running interference for them, but can eliminate the middlemen, and spread their propaganda directly through their own partisan spokespersons -- limited only by their own ability to communicate their message, and fake their own credibility and authenticity -- which now seems so obviously contrived and manipulative, to a generation that has had to determine these matters for themselves in every communications.

The world has gone on and forward, without them -- and left them behind, to preach to an empty choir that no longer requires them to keep them in their places. They just are the last to know -- when once, they thought they were among the first to know anything and everything. That's what real progress is -- and not just placing oneself in "first place," always, regardless.

That's how times have changed, and are changing all the time -- and how one can be the first to know that, or the last.