Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is He For Real?

It looks like Hawaii finally got the governor it needs -- someone who can tell them the truth -- that government can't exist just to serve its own government employees and their lobbyists (unions), while the rest exist only to be taxed so that the public service workers can remain in the top half of society.

Any society can, and rightfully should, pay one worker $100,000 a year to lead the government. But it can't pay every rank and file worker $100,000 -- for life, whether they do anything or not. That's not a sustainable culture except in the fantasies of union labor leaders -- all making more than the governor and chief executive officers of all but a few major corporations.

The comparable peers of government workers, is the median of all the workers in society -- and not the top 5% -- of which if they were, they would certainly not be working for the government in a rank and file job, because they would be creating a new industry and more jobs for others, and not simply be doing what has always been done before.

Instead, the right compensation for government workers is the median of all those employed in comparable rank and file jobs -- which includes the Walmart and 7-11 worker and file clerks in countless small businesses -- and not the ONE who is the personal assistant to Donald Trump, etc.

It hasn't been a "sacrifice" to work for the governments of Hawaii, but a great privilege and trust that should not be abused to rob the citizens of Hawaii blind, deaf and dumb -- and buy off all media to promote their misinformation that they are the great deprived, rather than substantially above the median -- even as cleaners.

So when the governor proposes that pensions for those in the upper half of income earners should be taxed because they have lifetime, HIGH fixed incomes, it seems to be a reasonable solution in a state in which increasingly many, have no income at all, and have just given up -- so that the media can continue to publish their bogus low unemployment rates to justify the demands of the unions for even more than above the median they are already getting.

And then on top of that, they've even been reimbursing government retirees for what should be their (every individual's) own portion of Medicare -- which at least then, should be a level playing field instead of another union privilege to retain the great inequalities that now distinguish Hawaii. You can't keep on giving people with more than their fair share, more than their fair share -- without those at the bottom, of which they "claim" to be, nothing, and no chance for climbing onboard.

That's why there is no moral authority to deal with the homeless or any of the criminal activities -- because they know, that corruption of fairness, is what is required to keep them perennially at the top -- and everybody else at the bottom. Who wouldn't call that paradise -- but just for themselves?

But that's when the people start to realize it doesn't always have to be that way -- with the few favored by government, getting everything, and leaving nothing for everybody else. Very few leaders can see that, so maybe there is a reason Neil Abercrombie is governor of Hawaii, rather than anybody else.


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