Saturday, June 01, 2019

Better -- Not More

Quality of life is about "better" -- and not simply "more" of the same, which implies that at some point, there is a transformative leap into a wholly different realm of experience than simply a linear progression along the predictable course.  As such, it is difficult to measure -- or to predict -- because it is a leap into the unknown and unexpected, and so the inquiring mind, has to be open to outcomes that exceed their expectations -- because that great success, would have been unimaginable starting out.

And that is what every great leap in consciousness has been -- and not merely bigger and better clubs for subduing all the others -- although admittedly, a few are still operating on that level.  But that should be well regarded as "kindergarten," and not a major thrust forward in evolution -- which is the greater meaning and purpose of life in every aspect.

In this ultimate game, the goal posts are always being moved, so one has to be prepared and poised, to move in any dimension effectively -- and not just the fixed objective for time immemorial.  That is how their youthful strategies fail them in time -- and simply remaining as they used to be, is no longer a winning strategy -- but finds them competing less successfully with each year, until they give up and drop out for the remainder of their lives -- which can be as soon as no one is there to tell them what to do with every moment of their lives.

At some point of their upbringing, it is hoped that they assume that responsibility and control themselves -- and become one less person to have to nurture, with a real possibility that they find a better way for generations to come.  One must then allow for the possibility that there is more than meets the eye of possible outcomes -- and provide for that possibility as well, leaving a margin for error, that could also work marvelously in their favor -- beyond their wildest expectations.

In these times, in this age, that would be the real possibility of not only living extraordinarily long lives (as have already been achieved), but doing so without the accompanying condition of deterioration -- heretofore regarded as inevitable and normal -- rather than merely predictable due to a lack of better understanding.  That is to say, that what we think to be true, is simply wrong, and we have to realize that -- rather than devoting all our resources to defending and rationalizing that as the only possible outcome.

That was the way it was for many years -- preparatory to a breakout, and breakthrough.    Society hits a wall, but that gets everybody thinking along the same conclusion -- that everything we thought was right, was presumed, but never proven.  It just seemed so rational, that one would have been a fool to question those premises and presumptions -- so one is best proceeding with caution, rather than being the first to hop on every passing bandwagon -- thinking they are on the road to paradise and unmistakable certainty.

Nowhere is that more true, than in the instruction of the health sciences -- in which one frequently is instructed to give 110%, when it is more prudent and productive to know the 10%, that accounts for 90% of the favorable results -- and when played out over a sufficient amount of time, compounds to an overwhelming sum that could not have been imagined starting with such a modest effort.  But then, the reason for their modest effort, was in admitting and realizing they could be wrong -- yet proceeded cautiously, in contrast to those who gambled 110%, certain that things could only go their way.

That is an egregious and often irrecoverable mistake -- but not unlike those who are overly certain of anything -- until they are no longer certain of anything, anymore -- and their lives and well-being, are totally in the hands of others.  It need never get to that point -- if one leaves open the possibility that one could be wrong, and not simply proceeding more certainly, despite all the warning signs along the way.  They probably mean something.

Life is precisely that way.  Things don't work out because one is wrong -- and needs to better their understanding of the process, and not simply apply more force and conviction -- and everything will be all right.  It doesn't work that way.  All that can be known, is not already known -- but remains to be discovered, in each and every moment.  The thought is not the actuality -- because one can be mistaken in thinking of the actuality; it may in fact, have nothing to do with the actuality.  That is how so many can be so wrong -- having been taught that their knowledge was an absolute certainty -- but never proven to be so, in the actuality.

One should not mistake the hypothesis (theory), for the reality of the matter -- particularly, when the results are unpredictable, and more contradictory despite our certainty.  Simply hearing it repeated over and over again by many different people, does not make it any truer.

Exercise should not be hard, and made harder -- but rather easy, and made easier -- in order to remain productive and doable all one's days.  One hopes to achieve effortless movement throughout the full range of that possibility -- and not simply handling the most weight (resistance) only at a single point along that full articulation, which is what most people's conditioning program consists of.  They develop strength in only one position -- rather than the full range of movement, which is a development entirely different.

That disproportion of strength along the full range of movement, is what particularly makes older bodybuilders look so peculiar -- because the muscle, instead of expressing a full development, obviously and disturbingly express that imbalance, and disproportion.  It is not pleasing to the eye, but points out the vulnerability of maintaining such imbalance -- at a critical moment of failure.  At such a moment, one can be totally incapacitated -- often experienced alarmingly but commonly to the previously impervious -- by an Achilles tendon tear, and then try as they might, all momentary effort is realized as futile -- and should desist, rather than increase -- thinking to will one's way to a more favorable outcome.

Injuries are nature's way of advising one to slow down -- and better learn to work within one's momentary capabilities -- which are always changing, and rightly so.  But that could also lead to a better understanding and way of moving and doing things -- than simply running faster, jumping higher, and lifting more -- as the best, or only solution.  In this manner, evolutionary progress is made, and not simply more of the same.  Even with 110% of the effort.  Or 110% of the certainty.

Rather, one has taken a step back, in order to leap farther forward.


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