Saturday, February 01, 2020

You Have to do all the Right things -- because all the Wrong things won't make any difference

Unfortunately, many do all the wrong things -- thinking they will get the same results as though they were doing all the right things -- and think just because they do them, it will turn out with the desired, favorable results.  Instead, they find that things are snowballing even farther out of control -- and even threatening their future viability, and prospects for survival. 

Yet they are certain that if they just persist in doing all the wrong things, God in His merciful wisdom, will make things come out right -- because that is what He is for, and not that they can do anything themselves to change that.  So they pray to all the gods, but they don't seem to be listening -- or care.  Their entreaties fall on deaf ears -- and the seas do not part before them -- providing a clear path to the Promised Land.  Instead, they are stuck in the muck, and everyone is lost.

They all went down believing -- until the end -- thinking things would turn out differently, just because they wanted them to.

Life does not work out that way; it is unmerciful in finding out a way that works -- with or without you.  That evolution marches on.  Not all will survive; even those that do, don't live forever.  They merely have their time on the stage for a while -- and then a whole new bunch of strangers take over -- and have their time and place.  Nobody stays front and center forever. 

But that is not the only game in town.  There are a lot of nooks and crannies unexplored -- of which one can be the foremost expert -- the most obvious of which is the advice to know oneself.  Very few others will be interested and motivated to do that as each person in their own lives -- and that is not nothing, but really, the only thing that matters.  Everybody is different -- but maximizing that potential -- is the great challenge of every life, and in doing that, one may discover many other things -- others can benefit from as well.

The great quest of every life is intensely personal in this way -- beginning near to go far.  If one thinks one knows anything, it obviously must work for themselves first -- and that is always an excellent place to start.  To speculate about everybody else without first knowing oneself to even some degree -- is not having a place to stand on from which to lever that knowledge to a meaningful extent.  Why should others have to prove it first that one's ideas are sound enough to work -- when the original author of such a thought, doesn't believe it enough to try it themselves -- and prove to the world that it works -- before wasting everybody else's time and resources?

That's what everybody wants to see -- what works -- and not hear all the explanations why things don't work, or that it would work, but we can't get anybody to do them.  That's a huge part of the equation.  It has to be something that everybody, or even anybody can do -- and not just be a wonderful theory and hypothesis that can never be proven, or worse yet, doesn't have to be proven.  Then we get into the realm of "mad science" -- where everything is possible, but nobody can ever prove anything.  In other words, it is just an unquestioned belief that nobody dares to test -- for fear of actually finding out.  It is much more convenient just to convince everybody else that that is true -- and ostracize those who will not go along with the mob.

So the issue is no longer what is right and wrong, but which group has the bigger mob to enforce their consensus and correctness -- with of course, themselves at the top of the hierarchy.  That's all they're there for -- to get to the top, and once there, have no intention of upsetting the apple cart.  They like it fine -- being in charge.  Henceforth, all their efforts will go towards defending and preserving the status quo -- with themselves at the top, or sufficiently high enough to feel a vested interest in keeping the way things are -- even if the problems get worse.  That concern, they feel, is not their job.

So of course they miss the whole point -- as they see the rest of the world pass them by and render them irrelevant.  They're not going to try to keep up -- but instead, prevent everyone else from getting ahead -- especially ahead of themselves.  That is some people's idea of a job -- and meaning and purpose in this world -- to stamp out progress at every turn, and ensure that the world they grew up in -- endlessly repeats itself.

Meanwhile, the mass of humanity marches on -- with or without them.  Right now, that would be extending the useful life of human beings to 100 -- in good shape and condition, which hasn't been done before.  People begin falling apart after 50, and even 40 -- in addition to the many who do not get a proper start in life at all, and are imploding from early ages because of improper lifestyle, diet and exercise that doesn't optimize the health and well-being at any age.  Many such dysfunctional people are even proud of their premature self-destruction -- as though that was a badge of honor and distinction.  So when they go into irreversible decline -- that is quite predictable, and one would not expect anything else.  They are the walking time-bombs just waiting to go off.

One does what they can to be as far removed when they do.


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