Monday, July 01, 2019

The Power of Letting Go

Halfway through the year, as well as halfway through life, it is reasonable to ask if one's life is getting better -- or simply worse without end?  Life is very different before and after that turning (tipping) point -- at which one feels the best is ahead of them, or is already a distant and fading memory.  The easiest measure of that is one's present health and well-being -- and how one perceives and expresses that in everything they do.

If life seems to be only increasing aches and pains, and no increasing functionality and capabilities, then certainly, the future does not look bright, or promising.  But if in some measure, one is improving -- no matter how they choose to measure it -- then it seems that improvement is always possible, and with it, even a transcendence onto a higher level of functioning and capabilities.  There will no doubt be times of uncertainty and struggle over the direction one is headed -- until a breakthrough -- or not.

Such a breakthrough for many was learning of the discussions over what constituted the optimal diet -- beyond the old wisdom that more is always better.  That way of thinking, had created the present health crisis, when people who evolved very slowly over millennia, now had an abundance most bodies were unprepared for, and could not recondition themselves to handle.

Whereas food was long defined as something scarce and to be hoarded as much as possible, that strategy is disastrous in conditions of plenty.  An obviously bad way of adaptation, is simply to waste as much as possible -- as the many do when given a windfall -- for which nothing in their previous experience and training, had prepared them adequately for.  In that way, many simply turn their good fortune into greater problems -- even spending more than they have, while not realizing it.  They think all they have to do is come down with the initial down payment, and then it is life happily forever after.  Naturally, they go out and spend even more.

So that legacy can be a huge problem, if society has not prepared its individuals to handle success -- as well as they do failures.  If such skills of solving problems is all they know, many come to perpetuate the problems, so they can solve them again -- rather than moving on to higher levels of challenge and learning.  That is the characteristic of the leading edge of societies -- to discover the unknown, and better know what they don't know -- which is the root of their problems and difficulties.

One can't be "right," if everything meaningful in their lives, is wrong -- as the truly dysfunctional, insist life must be -- and there is no other.  They simply have not continued to search and learn -- but have settled for the first wrong answer they can find.  They need that certainty -- even if it is wrong, and makes everything in life a struggle -- against every other reality.

So the simplicity of the matter comes down to this -- not doing anything -- including eating, and from that mindfulness, one see what works, and not the chatter that fills most lives.  One must first be quiet and still, and from that stillness, all movement becomes apparent -- but never if the mind is always restless, contending with itself, overriding all the other senses.  That is also the feature that ultimately defines contemporary digital life -- either zero or one, computed as many times as necessary.  From that, we can derive the most complex answers -- and deconstruct its simplicity and elegance.

The complex and complicated, is the confusion necessary -- to market the unpalatable, and indigestible.    When those conditions are invoked, all manner of mischief rule the day -- but thinking people, are also mobilized to solve that overwhelming problem of the day -- as the categorical imperative of any species -- or its very survival is in jeopardy.  So things do not get infinitely worse, but get worse to the point, that all other endeavors and activities, are subsumed to this great urgency -- when facing virtual extinction, unless there is a way out.

That way out, is the realization that everything is connected and related to everything else -- and not that there are a different set of rules, for every category and specialization one can think of -- as their exclusive, inviolable turf.  This ultimate fragmentation causes all of reality to fall apart -- but also to be reconstructed in a better way.  That is merely the story of evolution -- as well as individual lives.  We have to let go of the old, for the new to come into being.

That is the wisdom of fasting -- to cure most contemporary human ills -- and unless periodically done, there is nothing but the accumulation of the old, weak and diseased cells -- while the body is ingeniously designed to improve itself -- unless it is thought otherwise.  And it is largely this thought, that makes full restoration unavailable and impossible -- and not that is is difficult or impossible in itself.  People have been conditioned to maintain the status quo at all costs -- even if it is to their detriment and ultimate destruction.  Thus the solution, is largely a matter of reconditioning to the latest, greatest understanding -- and not holding on to everything that has brought us to this present crisis.

And that crisis is that everyone suffers from this inability to let go of the old -- and being reborn in this way, which is the natural recycling process of the human body -- and all life forms, for that matter.  That's why life persists -- and not that we have to crank up our heart rates or the heart won't function at all.  Also, one doesn't have to keep on feeding the body, if one is way overweight and obese.  The body is designed to live off of its stored reserves -- for as long as necessary -- because it has evolved that way.

We know those problems as the twin problems of obesity and diabetes -- of which current assessments, regard that more than half either have diabetes or prediabetes, and are the precursors to every other disease and dysfunction of the human body.  So whether diagnosed or not, one should simply treat oneself as though that were the problem -- since it probably is, and follow the well-proven cure for it -- of Intermittent Fasting, a Ketogenic Diet, and let Autophagy do the rest. 

That's the only thing we need to learn -- and that will enable everything else.  That is the critical path.  That is the fundamental understanding of life.  That is the dividing line between the healthy and the sick.


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