Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It Only Makes Sense

A person either is a teacher -- or they're not.

Why should Hawaii taxpayers be supporting all these "bad" teachers for life -- because that's what the union says they must. And then they create all these arbitrary and bureaucratic rules to keep the "good" teachers out -- so that there can be more jobs and job security for all their bad teachers, who then have to become education administrators because otherwise, the students will give them a bad time because they have nothing to teach -- except how to "act" like a teacher who knows something.

Obviously, education can't continue to just be about job security for teachers who don't want to teach and aren't gifted for doing so -- and just paying them more is not going to change that.

You have to let gifted teachers teach -- and not just those who know how to play the game so that nobody else can teach.

So it makes a lot of sense, that the board of education should not be preselected by the self-serving teachers' union and their lobbyists.


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