Monday, February 21, 2011

Understanding Liberalism

Although liberals like to call themselves "progressives," hoping to infer "enlightened," and "objective," the liberal arts reached their heights in the medieval ages, as the primary defense against an emerging "scientific method" of inquiry, that allowed individuals to conduct their independent inquiries and experiments and come to their own conclusions -- rather than accepting as truth, what the hierarchy of authority, wished to act as the sole arbiter of the truth in every matter.

As such, the "liberal arts" were the ancient world's trivium of grammar, rhetoric, and dialectic, buttressed by the quadrivium of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music -- still hoping to hold sway, in the modern world that enables and empowers every individual to do their own research and thinking, rather than accepting the authority, of those predetermined to be highly esteemed, which are invariably the people ensconced and sinecured at liberal institutions, ie., the universities (schools), church, government and media.

So not surprisingly, they wish to preserve this system of status and privilege, and use their skills in the liberal arts, to convince everyone else, that such a system should continue, as the enlightened path of society and civilization -- and not that everyone should really be equal -- but they should be "more equal" than everyone else, and entitled to everyone else's share of the pie also, because they have "sacrificed" themselves in the service of the public good to be their leaders. Otherwise, they would be gods.

But because of the superiority of their compassion, they chose to serve mankind, by serving themselves, and distinguish themselves by doing the thinking for everyone else. Thus the distinctive quality of liberalism, is the repeating of one daily mantra posted by the Democratic Underground and Daily Kos, of the talking points, every member of the liberal wing must repeat in solidarity, to combat and drown out the cacophony of many individuals thinking and speaking for themselves -- which should be proof enough, that they don't know the mandated political correctness of the day, and how it must be repeated faithfully without questioning that authority and their entitlements.


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