Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Unions Against the Union

The (trade) unions want to be the only ones allowed to organize to promote and support their agenda -- and sue individuals and organizations against their own rights to organize and assemble for these same purposes -- as though that was their exclusive constitutional right.

It's not dissimilar to the newspapers interpreting freedom of speech as ONLY their right to express their opinions, which they relabeled as the much more narrow concern of the "freedom of the press," and then the other "liberal" organizations interpreting it further to be their right to suppress the opposition through the well-known intimidation tactics (of the unions), as well as the "political correctness" indoctrinations of the universities, that teach everyone is equal but the teachers and university professors are just a little more equal and so should be "entitled" to tenure, sinecures and other "seniority" rights permanently above everyone else.

The left usually attempts to monopolize these institutions so that it is no accident that the media and the schools are 90% in favor that their salaries and benefits should be raised to equal the top 2%.

That's what most of today's severe financial crises are essentially about -- that why it might be possible and wise to reward a select few above the others, to compensate entire broad classes with no criterion for merit and productivity -- instead of arbitrary seniority, is financially ruinous to every state in the union. And then beyond that, increasingly much of the budget goes to generous pensions and benefits for those who have long stopped working in any capacity -- because of merely dedicated bargaining for advantage that eventually must ruin an entity or enterprise because the terms allow no flexibility for adapting in a fast changing and challenging world.

History shows, nobody can sustain a perrmanent advantage -- permanently, even the United States of America. We have to be free to adapt -- to meet the challenges of the present times, and not just hope that everyone else will fall back in line and respect the old status quo -- with any self-coronated group of individuals permanently installed at the top of the human enterprise. That's how democracies turn into tyrannies.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Misunderestimating the Competition

Wow, does the mainstream media actually think their competition and evolution is Facebook and MySpace?

A few old schoolers still like to insist that Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground are the best of the bloggers.

It is these delusions that have undermined and destroyed the mainstream media's authority and credibility -- of knowing absolutely nothing about what they are talking about anymore, and how they are still central to the old mass media model as the information/communication middle men.

The most knowledgeable people speak for themselves -- instead of being controlled and interpreted to mean whatever the reporter (intermediary) wants them to mean. That's why the old mainstream media failed -- because their reporters couldn't compete with all the knowledgeable people speaking and reading for themselves, instead of through the garbled lens and understanding of reporters trying to make a name for themselves at every opportunity.

Some people are good at seeing things clearly and communicating it to others -- that transcend the traditional monopolies on knowledge. That's why we witnessed the rise of those who created new worlds beyond the conventional wisdom that required them to learn and repeat what was known and done before -- by the experts and authorities who transmitted only the previously known.

Even mainstream media no longer consulted those authorities on what used to be thought true and is going on -- but actually self-designated/promoted themselves instead as the authoritative sources, which is fine, except they couldn't withstand the challenge of their own readership.

They were undone in their own forums -- and not in the Facebook pages, and rather than the old coming back into fashion and restoring their former glory, prominence, and jobs, information communications have evolved beyond that.

There's no going back to the days when the entire journalism profession reads the columns written in the New York Times or Washington Post, and everybody else in the countless small town newspapers, plagiarizes and reiterates the political correctness of the day as though they thought of it themselves.

The Internet is the universe of what is being thought and published -- as the cosmic/collective consciousness of these times -- and not that it is a Facebook page competing against the almighty old media hoping to be regarded as the new and the news again.

Friday, February 05, 2010

The Sad State of Hawaii

What the education people fail to realize, is that the ultimate objective of education is to serve some greater purpose -- and not just be learning for learning's sake. And that's why they produce all these students, teachers, educational administrators and politicians who have no idea what they are doing, and think that everything is unconnected and disconnected to everything else, and arbitrary according to what they would like everyone else to believe.

And so they believe all they need to achieve for a successful and prosperous society in the Pacific, is to create more high paying jobs for themselves and their own family -- while the sewers, roads, buildings, homeless, vermin will take care of themselves.

No, the function of education is to serve some specific greater purpose -- like provide for the national defense, local police, and essential life and property saving objectives -- and not just to teach the students and the citizens of Hawaii that they the teachers, deserve all the money available -- because obtaining a BS degree at UH is like winning the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes combined, as the only people allowed to teach.

You don't need teachers; you need learners, and the world has changed to make that learning available and accessible at any time, anywhere, just because that's what people naturally want to do -- unless they are so corrupted to believe they cannot learn unless they pay the teachers all their money, and learn only what they want them to believe -- as the socio/poliitico correctness that they propagate for their exclusive benefit.

Any other group of people would be ashamed and embarrassed to promote themselves at the head of the line and society unceasingly every single day -- as this self-interest does, so is it anyone wonder why everything is messed up -- as is documented in the papers daily. Truly worthwhile people don't do that -- but only in Hawaii, are they taught that.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The New World Emerging (That Works!)

Hawaii needs rich, successful, entrepreneurial people more than they need these countless welfare queens and kings demanding MORE for doing less -- or nothing at all as educational adminstrators and union officials.

That is Hawaii's problem -- and getting rid of the successful in order to finance the job security of "professionals" who have become redundant in a learning culture and society -- except for the indoctrination of the education establishment that demands that the people cannot learn anything except to first pay them all their "extra" money, and that they should always be paid MORE because they are the new kahunas of this age.

More than anything else in the age of the Internet, learning has become free -- and people can do it for themselves better, and even schools could be reorganized to take advantage of all the intelligence being suppressed by the teacher unions and authoritarian figures, who demand that everybody else sacrifice themselves for their exclusive benefit.

Obviously, that old world model doesn't benefit anybody but the entrenched status quo who wish to remain at the top exploiting everybody else -- but now discouraging the bright young creative people who can make Hawaii and society work -- for everybody, and not just their own narrow and perpetual self interest and self-aggrandizement.

That is what the new world that is successful is about -- and of course, the old world wants to punish and banish from becoming the dominant new paradigm in Hawaii and the world.

Those jobs are pau. We don't need self-important people anymore who think the riches of society must all be confiscated for their exclusive benefit.

More than any other group or institution now, they are the defenders and perpetuators of the old status quo, or Establishment, as the rebellious of the last century used to call them. But those "rebels" became the establishment themselves, as each generation inevitably does, and now they want to entrench and perpetuate themselves perennially at the top -- despite the fact that they have long ceased to have and serve their original purpose -- which was to provide an opportunity to learn about the world.

These days, we can do it even better and faster because of the information and communication technologies -- that have effectively supplanted the old education institutions and that way of learning, which we also know as the liberal indoctrination into the "political correctness" -- as a few self-appointed and designated few have done for everybody else in the past, as the mass media mode.

But every individual can discover the truth for themselves -- because they interface directly with that world now as was not possible previously. So we don't need layers of that bureaucracy telling everybody else what to think and do -- and often confusing, their own desires, power, and ambition, for the common greater good.