Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bullying Is Not Leadership

One of the unfortunate consequences of growing up in the Islands, is the conditioning (education) imposed that bullying and intimidation makes anything right, or might makes right, and the majority rules, no matter -- and if you can push the other guys off the Pali, that makes you king, and worthy of doing whatever you like to everybody else -- just like the wild animal programs also justify.

Most people come to think therefore, that simply voting on the "rightness," actually makes things right, regardless of whatever consequences may otherwise occur. There is nothing higher than popular (public) opinion, and who controls that thinking, rules. That's what they call "Democracy," that once you vote, you give up all further rights on the matter. And so they are very eager to force a vote as soon as possible, and have the matter done with -- so they can do whatever they want to do.

But first, the people must be silence by allowing them to vote, because once they vote, they lose interest and think they have no further right to say anything. But the fact of the matter is that one doesn't relinquish their right to hold on to their own thinking -- despite what the majority has voted. That's what individual rights are -- the right to be an individual, and to hold onto what one believes to be true.

The importance of this is that many things thought at one time to be true and inviolable, turn out not to be on closer examination and the test of time. That's how truth evolves, and doesn't stay the same forever, but becomes a better truth. People in time, become more free, as well as healthier, and so they live better, longer lives. It is because they live better, that they live longer -- rather than vice-versa. One wants to live a better life longer, but doesn't care about living a worse life, longer. In Hawaii, that often means living the same day over and over again, without improvement -- thinking any change is for the worse.

People growing up outside of Hawaii, don't appreciate this mindset that is the culture of Hawaii -- but is understood by everyone growing up there, as unmistakably and indelibly true. They just don't want to talk about it, or can only talk about it in a joking manner, and never allowing themselves to take such talk seriously, about changing anything. That would be taboo -- the unthinkable. No, the old ways must be repeated in every generation henceforth. That is the unspoken, inviolable tradition of the Islands.

Why then, did Hawaii for so overwhelmingly for Obama? They knew that as a son of Hawaii, when he spoke of "Hope and change," everything would remain the same.


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