Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why Do the Teachers Need Tenure?

In the medieval ages and feudal times, people worked at one job all their lives, and everybody stayed in their place (caste).

What is distinctive about democratic societies in the truest sense of that word and not just being enchanted by the words, "Democrat," "liberal," "progressive," but with no idea of what it means to truly have freedom and choices, is that the most successful, evolve through many jobs -- often starting from the most menial and insignificant, to being the head of an entire industry -- starting from their garage.

Most of the people who are tremendously successful in that way -- didn't learn what they know in the schools, but had to leave the schools to create the knowledge that never existed before -- and not as education professionals think, that is the only things that can be known.

And children taught by such people, never learn how to learn on their own -- but only what is "taught" to them, which is the failing of the current education system, in which the students don't learn what has not been known by everyone before -- and to go no further, because they fear the unknown -- like their teachers obsessed with their own insecurities, and therefore, wanting that permanence of never having to learn any new skills, because they don't have that skill -- which is the whole significance and meaning of a worthwhile education.

Education should have a high turnover rate of everybody going through and passing on their knowledge of what they learned in the real world, on their own, and not just what somebody else told them to accept the truth, which then becomes the limits of fearing to go beyond, and so you have no creative people but just union drones wanting permanent entitlements for not doing anything.

The most important lesson a teacher can teach is learning how to find out -- and not just given the answers by someone else, in their own education (indoctrination) classes.

To learn is the most natural instinct and function of human beings, and not that they would never do it if they were not educated to do so -- and that is why the most gifted, often come into schools and then have that passion for learning, drilled out of them -- for desiring to learn on their own. And that is what the present education system does -- for the best and the brightest, who should be teaching their classmates -- just as they'll do in the real world, if they were perverted to think that is what they must not do.

Child prodigies should teach their insight into the fields of their genius much more productively than a mediocre adult will -- and then even suppressing a child who surpasses them in that understanding, instead of recognizing and honoring it. And so there is this wastage of human talent and ability, so that a few mediocre adults have their own job security and never have to learn anything new themselves.

The good teachers don't need tenure; the poor ones do.

The good teachers have something invaluable to teach, and they will always be in demand.

That's how it works.

But if one has nothing to teach, then of course such people are vulnerable, and they are tormented by the students and so they have to be promoted to educational administrators so that they don't have to go back into the classrooms. But you don't need everyone in the system to be that way.


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