Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Raising the Cost of Living

Many government leaders mistake raising the cost of living -- with raising the standard of living -- which are actually inversely related. That is, the higher the cost of living, the lower the standard of living -- because the cost for that standard, is too high for most people. But misunderstanding that relationship and concept, makes them think progress is making everything more expensive rather than more affordable -- which is what happens when they raise the costs of that manufacture (labor), instead of its value.

Ultimately, it is the value one receives for their expenditures that is the quality of life, and not simply the expenditure, regardless of any value received, of which the ultimate high cost, is getting nothing in any transaction. The other end of the experience, is getting unanticipated value and great satisfaction, for free or very little. Then one's cost of living, is very low.

But rather than being a generalized experience, it is also a highly individual one determined by each person's unique ability to assess the cost-to-benefit, or risk-to-reward ratios, in getting what they think they are getting, and is willing to suffer the disappointment and consequences of the possibilities presented to them.

Some people feel they have no choice -- but to buy the one thing the salesperson insists, is the only thing possible, or is the only thing they are selling, even if it ill-suits what the purchaser needs, and is in the market for -- which can usually be summed up as "value." So never being able to obtain any, makes the cost of living seem exorbitant, as it is never possible to obtain any satisfaction, in any transaction. One only expects to be less well off, by those exchanges -- until finally, all their money is gone, and they live in constant fear of that eventuality -- as the logical fate of living in that society.

Is that the actuality for many, or is it just the threat of that society's disapproval and retaliation for not conforming to the status quo and socio-political correctness that a self-designated few claim an exclusive right to dictate for everyone else? How do these misappropriations of rights, privileges and powers arise? -- and how can that sovereignty be restored to their rightful owners -- to determine the fate and enjoyment of their own lives.

Why should the people despair for the hopelessness of owning and governing their own lives? When did we reach that point of no return? When were those essential rights surrendered? -- and who did it for us?

Those are the thoughts one has, when one sees the media reports and wonders, when did I think that? -- and can I afford not to think that way? That's why it is so important for the powers that be, to continue to raise the cost of living -- so that obedience and conformity to it, is the only thing that seems feasible, and binding.

Finally, there is no other way but to leave that society for another, where the cost is not so high, and there a few more options -- than the only "choice" allowed.


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