Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ending the Cycle of Thoughtlessness

It's unfortunate that the newspapers still think that articles that elicit the most outrage and offend the most sensibilities because they produce the most comments and contentiousness, have greater value than those that don't, because they are well-thought out, and don't perpetuate the war between the thoughtless.

It's the old metrics of thinking that just more -- is better, even if it is worse and the worst, that coarsens and undermines society and thought.

And so they publish the demagogues who ensure them of those knee-jerk responses of the left and the right (stereotyped thinking) and those who keep those arguments going -- rather than solving any real problems, which would be the unfamiliar ways and ideas that are the solutions. Those are the submissions that are eliminated (edited) because they don't repeat and reinforce what the mass media wants us to -- which are the "traditional" problems, and not the solutions.

When there are real solutions, those problems go away -- and are not perpetuated as the age-old arguments because they don't -- and create more work and the resultant jobs -- that keep these vicious cycles going, ie., "we need more teachers (funds), because the schools keep getting worse," or "we need more health care because the health and well-being keeps getting worse" -- as though that was some kind of solution, which should be obvious that it is not, but we are not allowed to entertain any other.

Why aren't there good writers and thinkers? Why not a Thomas Sowell rather than a Leonard Pitts/Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson as "spokesman for the black people?" But beyond that, Thomas Sowell is a good and thoughtful writer, rather than one perpetuating the stereotypes that blacks only think in black and white -- and not of the universal concerns like every expansive human does.

Because that wouldn't confirm and reinforce the old stereotypes and arguments -- but create a whole new light and ways of seeing human behaviors and attitudes -- that solve (eliminate) the problem.


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