Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's Wrong with Government (Society)

Government in Hawaii (US), has become almost exclusively about getting more money for government workers, and not about providing public service, and the participation of the community at large -- because they realize it is about serving the career aspirations and desire for government workers to be on the top -- permanently, like the oligarchies fighting to hang onto their positions of privilege in other countries. In this, they are aided by the "Communication Workers of America," to ensure that only the "politically correct" message gets out there -- while claiming to be completely objective.

But it is a well-documented fact that government workers all substantially exceed the median income -- while claiming to be the oppressed and entitled to ever more. You can't pay the median the top 5% -- but those above the median, have to go their singular way to obtain those rewards -- and not that they become the entitlement of those who belong to the right party -- the Democrats or the Baathists.

That should disturb even liberals and progressives, but surely is a concern for every fair-minded and independent-person that is in rare supply these days.

In order to reward the creativity and innovation that will create a more perfect society, we can't simply reward those who wish to maintain the status quo of doing what has already been done before -- the same as these entrepreneurs, that do create new industries and jobs -- and not just demanding more for their own jobs -- as much as these deservingly valued risk-takers.

And then completely overlooked these days, are the truly weak and unfortunate, who are now just being exploited by those who know how to play the "government" game for their own funding, fancy titles and six-figure incomes -- "in the service of the poor." They start believing their own propaganda, and then deride the hard-working people at Walmarts or McDonalds as fools for not being smart enough to climb aboard the union/Democrat gravy train.


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