Sunday, March 20, 2011

Change is Not a Function of Time

In an instant, everything can change -- and not as we are conditioned to think, that change is a product of time. And so we come to believe that a rudimentary education takes 12 years, and a higher education, 4 more years -- and not that an education is not a function of time, but the ending of it -- when life begins all over again, with a wholly new understanding and insight.

There are always times like these, when for a few, everything they know about life, is wiped out so totally, that they have to effectively learn life all over again. For some, that is an immense tragedy, in which a few will decide not to go on-- but for most, they will adapt to the new realities, as humans have done for countless ages now.

The ending of an epoch is near, when people think that what they know of life now, will last forever, and be a permanent thing -- just as the pharaohs and the emperors of the past, desired to achieve immortality as their ultimate quest -- rather than accept, that one day, they would be no more. That is the reconciliation of life -- that allows the next generation to take over, and carry that society further, and not just repeat what they have always done before.

So the calamities and disasters are often unavoidable and even unimaginable, except in hindsight, when people with nothing better to do, will dwell on all that could have been done otherwise -- after it is too late. There is no perfect knowledge -- of what one should have done if they knew then what they know now -- as though there was no difference. What one knows then, is what they had to work with -- and could not prepare for every contingency and possibility. But that doesn't mean one should only prepare for one -- as though that is the only reality possible.

All of life is risk -- chances, and choices, with no absolute certainty, except there are always those claiming to have that perfect knowledge and wisdom, as though they knew. But all they know -- is what they know, which is what somebody told them and not the totality of what is going on in the world -- which is far more than just the arguments between the Republicans and the Democrats, the Hatfields and the McCoys, the government and everything beyond it, that a few will desire that all of life, must conform to their wishes, and their visions of a perfect world for everybody else, and what everybody else should be doing to achieve that.

That is the illusion and delusion of the mass media hoping to control all thought -- of what it is, and what it should be, and to demand, that there is nothing else, and nothing else is possible.


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