Sunday, December 01, 2019

Towards a Quality of Life

Most measurements are about the cost of living and the quantity of life that purchases, while those in the know, are more concerned with that quality of life -- that is beyond what money can buy.  Money is not the sole determiner of what and how much one can buy.  Just as important, is the amount of thought and research that goes into every transaction -- that can leverage it greatly in one's favor.  As often as not, it means being in the right place at the right time -- and not being in the wrong place at any time.

The circumstances of bad things happening, are not equally distributed randomly across all places, and among all people.  That is the whole reason for everything thoughtful and prudent people do -- to decrease the probabilities and incidences of bad things happening, and in their stead, the good manifests -- because it has the time and space to.  That has less to be planned and designed for, because just by eliminating the bad, the unforeseen good has a chance to come into being.

Evolution is not seeing a final perfected outcome, but in merely eliminating the distractions and dead ends -- which is every avoidable, untold disaster -- favoring the desirable outcome.  That is the cause and effect, world of karma.  A thinking person would hope for nothing less -- or more.  It is a world that makes sense -- and not everything turning out equally badly or equally well -- regardless of what they do.  Of course shit happens with such a world view.  Buckets and buckets, and their only resource then, is to go into denial.

They don't want to know about any other reality and possibility -- because they are too used to, and too well prepared -- for the disastrous outcome, that they wouldn't want any other -- even if it was just for the taking.  And that largely, is what good fortune is -- just for the taking, for those who can realize its value -- because not everybody can.  Most will prefer what they are used to -- even if it produces a sad and disastrous outcome.  That is what they are used to, and are conditioned for -- and not that there can be anything beyond that.

And assuredly, the future, and everything good, lies beyond that limited world of predetermined and fated possibilities.  That's why the advantage goes to those who regard the total content as their own being -- and not just the little they claim exclusively as their own.  But that doesn't mean claiming everything one can, as their own.  No, far better to realize that exclusive ownership and control is seldom necessary to achieve satisfaction and fulfillment -- but the knowledge that it is available only as one needs it.  Already, that is more than enough -- and under those operating premises, there is more than enough -- for everyone.

It's when people behave as though there is not sufficient resources, that the struggle is on for each to grab more than their fair share -- and need, with predictably disastrous results.  That is likely to happen, when all those who think that way, congregate, and compete with each other for all the spoils -- even leaving no man standing.  If they can't have it, then nobody else can either.  Such societies and cultures, leave nothing to posterity -- because that would be anybody else, and that is not what they are about.

So any traces they leave behind -- are unfathomable monuments to themselves -- and there is no greater meaning and significance of that culture and all its efforts.  They are not equal to all others.  They rightfully and with good reason, become extinct.  Of course they are dysfuctional long before that final nail in their coffin.  But that is not the only way, and only life they can choose.  That difference is their individual quality of life -- and outcomes.

For that reason, life is not simply a repetition of what has gone on before -- but can be unprecedented -- which means the life never lived before.  And that is true possibility and actualization -- and not just repeating hopelessly what doesn't work -- as though that is some kind of genius -- that they know something that nobody else does -- and believing that despite all the information to the contrary, will make it prevail.

Meanwhile, the rest of humanity has moved on -- to a better life.  That is the truth of our existence.