Friday, April 08, 2011

The Selling of Hawaii

It's very typical these days, that all the news and information brought to us today, is provided by those who benefit from the distribution (marketing) of that "information," including and especially, the seemingly disinterested and objective "educators" and "experts" -- whose solution for everything, is that we need infinitely more of their "education" -- for their benefit(s) to continue to escalate.

That is the peculiarity of markets that exist to "create" a market, whether it is a real need or not. To some extent, that can be said of anything -- so one has to discriminate and decide, at what point does "need" become "greed" -- which is this insatiability beyond the actual needs for health and well-being, that distorts the sensitivities and sensibilities of everything else.

Certainly we've reached that tipping point, when houses that have outlived their usefulness and should be torn down, sell for half a million dollars or more -- and keep going up. At some point, some kind of fundamental tie with its actual usefulness and value, have to be restored to sanity, rationality and perspective -- so that people are not simply justified that everybody else have also lost their their sense of values.

Unfortunately, we might have long gone past that point -- in many arenas, because the marketing has long become its own reason for being -- as long as it sells.


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